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What all You Should do Before You Hire a PHP developer for Your Next Project

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For businesses web presence is not a choice anymore, they need to enhance their presence in the market. Today, we are going to discuss one of the most discusse and utilize frameworks for web app development, and that is none other Laravel PHP framework’

In this blog post, we have brought you a closer look at the nitty-gritty involve in the Laravel PHP framework. And what all you must know before you decide to Hire PHP Developer.

Let’s find out together.

A quick Nudge About Laravel

Laravel is a cross-platform PHP framework for building web applications. With this framework, developers can take advantage of a large library of pre-programme functionality. It offers a highly functional development environment, as well as intuitive and expressive command-line interfaces. When it comes to Laravel applications, they are highly scalable with easy-to-maintain codebases. 

A quick nudge about PHP Framework

PHP is a programming language that was originally designe by a group of people to create a programming language that could be use to create interactive websites and to act as a server-side scripting language. It is also a server-side programming language that can be use to create static, web-base websites, and is also use as a web development environment. 

Why Should You Use Laravel?

  • Easy to learn
  • Simplifies the development process
  • Has tools for developers of all levels
  • Scales easily
  • Has a massive ecosystem and community.

The Technical Structure of Laravel

Route Handling

Laravel provides straightforward and intuitive route handling, using simple names to identify routes rather than long path names. The Laravel API provides a library that allows developers to create a RESTful API that can be use to provide authentication, authentication services, and other services.


Some of the features introduce into Laravel are user authentication, user role authorization, email verification, encryption services, password hashing, password reset features, and secure password storage. All of these features have been implemente using the Laravel ORM.


In Laravel, the migration process is split into two distinct stages. The first stage is the creation of the Migrations folder, which then creates the actual application database for the application. The second stage is the application’s actual database creation process which is performe at the database’s creation time. The Migrations file is simply a file that contains all the necessary SQL that is necessary to create the database.


The blade is Laravel’s PHP templating engine resulting in a codebase that is easier to maintain. 


When the user visits a page, Laravel checks whether the browser has already set an explicit session cookie. If the user has a cookie set and the browser has already set a cookie, Laravel sets a new cookie.

Data Validation

Laravel makes it easier to validate incoming user data. It also includes a number of data validation rules, with customizable error messages.

Cache Handling

The Laravel cache allows developers to cache values to make it easier to maintain data and reduce the processing time for the app. Developers can use it to store non-static values (such as the user’s name) and static values (such as the roles the user is assigne) or can store both together.

 Error Handling

Error handling is automatically configured upon starting a new Laravel project. There are two ways to debug your application: using the Laravel Command Line Interface (CLI) or using a custom error handler.


Testing is very important in any project, and any potential bug or deficiency needs to be addresse as soon as possible. Laravel supports tests by adding a service provider that is responsible for instantiating a signe-in user and retrieving an email address from that user. The default service provider is calle [email-provider] and it is responsible for instantiating a user with a given email address.

 Storage and File Management

Laravel uses the Flysystem PHP package to provide drivers for working with a variety of filesystems, from local filesystems to cloud-base storage.


The Laravel framework includes an email API base on the SwiftMailer library, which allows sending email through a service of choice. Laravel supports email attachments and email queuing.


The Laravel framework has several built-in notification channels, including the notifications channel which sends notifications to users, the dispatch channel which is use to send notifications to all the channels, and the notifications channel which sends notifications to all the channels.

 How to Begin with Laravel?

Service Containers

Service containers are use to inject dependencies into a class and have many features that are often lacking in many other frameworks. These service containers are where a developer binds everything necessary to run a Laravel application.

Service Providers

Service providers are classes that help Laravel magic happen. Laravel makes the service container a very powerful tool and injects dependency into it automatically.


The Facades are use when you nee to explain a long class name and do not want to type it in the application. This is a Facades are a very powerful tool, and Laravel has a number of them.


The Laravel package system is built on the idea that packages are like libraries, and that you can add functionality to an existing package by writing code that references the package. You can then load that module into your application by adding a new dependency on the package. 

Command-Line Interfaces

Laravel provides an easy-to-use command-line interface for developers. Moreover. the console-base interface is very easy to use and comes with a set of pre-built applications with a lot of pre-built functionality. The console is a great way to quickly build a project in Laravel.


In short, Eloquent allows developers to quickly create tables, queries, and relationships with minimal coding effort. Firstly, it is an object-relational mapper (ORM) that allows easy interaction with databases. Moreover uing the MVC architecture, the models correspond to individual tables in a database. Also, with Eloquent, developers can be assure of quick retrieval, simple insertion and updates, and easy updates.


Composer is used by many developers to manage their dependencies and automate their repetitive tasks. The Composer package manager is a plugin that allows developers to install and manage multiple versions of PHP, MySQL, and other PHP-relate packages.  


Laravel Homestead is a development environment empowering development on a virtual machine by providing a pre-package Vagrant box. Moreover, Laravel Homestead includes a pre-built Vagrant box, PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Composer, Redis, and a VagrantFile with all the configurations for Vagrant.

 Authentication Starter Kits

From the start, Laravel requires that developers understand the fundamentals of the software and be able to create a working application in a few days. Before you start building your application, Laravel provides several starter kits. The starter kits are part of the application itself, and just show you how to get starte.

Laravel Breeze is an authentication starter kit. Also, it includes common authentication and user account features such as user registration, login, email verification, and password confirmation and reset. Also, breeze also includes a javascript frontend through the use of Laravel’s built-in routes and middleware.

Another one is Jetstream, offering additional advance features such as two-factor authentication, session management, API support via Laravel Sanctum, and optional team management.

There is Fortify—an authentication backend that is frontend agnostic and it includes all of the Laravel authentication features, such as user registration, login, email verification, two-factor authentication, etc. 

Cashier and Spark

The cashier is the new Stripe Cashier – a Stripe product that is built on Laravel and, although it is a great product, it is not Laravel. Also, it is open-source software built on Laravel and is therefore Cross-Platform Code-Incompatible.

On the other hand, Cashier is the engine for Laravel Spark, a billing management panel that allows users to create and manage their subscriptions. Moreover, spark is also limite to Stripe and Paddle as payment providers; custom providers are not yet compatible with Spark.


The Valet is an example of a macOS development environment that supports Laravel development. this is a Valet is not intende to be a complete replacement for Sail or Homestead. Moreover, instead, it’s meant for users with specific needs and resource limitations.


Laravel is a PHP framework that provides a great deal of information in one place. Is very simple to learn. Also, it is a perfect example of a PHP framework. Moreover, that allows developers to quickly and easily create web applications with ease.  

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Mia Jacobs is a compelling content author who works with the prominent Hire Laravel Developers India, The CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. He has an attentive mindset and definite interests in advanced technologies and marketing tactics that encourage him in writing content that readers greet. His eagerness towards multiple heads makes his pieces more audible and engaging.

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