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Watercolor Painting Tips For Beginners

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People avoid watercolor painting because they are afraid it will prove too difficult. Although watercolor painting may seem difficult at first, it is easy to master once you have the basics down.

All you need is water, paint and a brush. The rewards of using watercolor, which can be unpredictable, are immense.

You may also be interested in learning about how to use watercolor paint in tubes? Learn the techniques and tricks to become master watercolor painters.

Paints and brushes

There are three types of watercolor paint: liquid, tube, and pan. While you can use any type of paint, pan paint sets offer the most versatility and are portable. You don’t need to purchase each paint separately.

Watercolor brushes are typically made with long, soft hairs that can be used with aqueous media. Although natural fiber brushes like squirrel or sable are superior, they are more expensive and rare. Soft synthetic brushes are available at a fraction of the cost.

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paper is something you will need to purchase. The paper will be thicker if it is heavier. 300 lb. The thickest paperweight is 300 lb. The 140-pound weight of the most common paper is recommended, although you might need to stretch it before using it. Avoid 90 lb. Avoid using paper that is less than 90 lb. Paper can be purchased in sheets, pads, or blocks. This provides a hard surface that keeps the paper stretched until it dries.

Paint mixing

Novice artists often use very little paint and have to add more. This can lead to frustration, especially when you have to clean off the paint. Mix more colors than you think necessary to avoid repeating the process.

It is difficult to determine the exact color of paint by simply looking at it on a palette. The paint will dry faster on lighter papers than it does when it is wet. Make sure you have an extra sheet of paper to check your colors before you apply them to your painting.

Bring the water

For cleaning their brushes between colors, inexperienced painters will often use a small container with water. Soon, they notice that their water is becoming murky and darkening colors. This can cause their entire painting to turn brown.

After painting, wash them under running water with some soap. Dry them using a paper towel or rag and squeeze them gently. You can shape the tips by using your fingers. Then, store the brushes upright on the handles to prevent them from spreading.

Plan your blanks

You can paint with watercolor from light to dark. The white paper is your brightest highlight. You need to know where these areas are so that you can paint around them. To protect them, you can either carefully avoid them or paint a masking fluid over them. You can rub the masking fluid off your finger with your finger after it dries. To mask any areas that you don’t want, you can use painter’s or artist’s tape.

Keep it light

Watercolor painting’s transparency and luminosity are its greatest assets. When properly applied, watercolor reveals layers of transparent colors to show the complexity of color. The layers of paint allow light to reflect off the paper and allow it to move through them. Use a light touch.

Use less water to achieve more paint control and less transparency. For more transparency, add more water. Find the right balance for you.

Embrace your mistakes

Many people believe you can’t fix mistakes with watercolor. This is false. You can correct your mistakes with many methods: you can use a sponge, damp cloth, damp brush, or a magic cleaning eraser to erase watercolor.

A second wash can be applied to a specific area of the painting, or you can clean the whole painting with running water. Watercolor can be used for years even after the painting is done. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You can always erase any mistakes.

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