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The profession of socio-cultural animator concerns a vast field. If not very easy sectors: cultural, socio-cultural, socio-economic. socio-educational sectors. This profession is nevertheless tending to structure itself. With the reform of school timetables in 2014. socio-cultural animators have become the 5th most sought-after profession. However, the animation sector is struggling to recruit. A brief overview of the recruitment difficulties of the profession and some original solutions for recruiting animators.

Animators more difficult to recruit

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This is the case for socio-cultural animation professionals: compared to 2019, an increase of 5,410 hiring intentions was announced. It should be noted that over the past five years, significant growth has been recorded (+16,520 recruitment projects).

On the other hand, it should be noted that seasonal workers represent 68.8% of vacancies. socio-cultural animation are also very high. Thus, the profession ranks 15th among the most sought-after professions. 29,420 people in recruitment projects (excluding seasonal workers).

The geographical sectors where facilitators. are most sought after are the regions of Hauts de France (12,410 recruitment projects). Ile-de-France (11,850), and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (11,390). In mainland France. pays de la Loire is the region where the recruitment. of socio-cultural animation professionals is considered the most difficult (79%). ahead of New Aquitaine (55.1%) and Normandy (53.6%).

A reform that impacts the animation sector

In 2020, Pole Emploi recorded 94,180 recruitment projects in the socio-cultural animation sector. Whether in the social, cultural, or sporting field, the profession of video animation services provider ranks fifth in the top 10 of the most sought-after professions this year. And this should continue. The recruiting challenge will last for several years…

Indeed, according to France Strategy. with the growth of the school population and the increase in the demand for leisure. the number of these activities should continue to grow at an annual rate of 0.8% until 2023.

This encouraging discovery in the field of animation can be explained by the implementation of the reform of school timetables, which has led to an increase in demand.

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There is no doubt that with the implementation of the five-day week. The development of cute time. The 2014 reform of school timetables has favoured the growth. There are employment in this sector in recent years.

This reform has raised many questions about its implementation.

Indeed, many municipalities experience great difficulty in recruiting facilitators. There are supervisors to welcome children during nice activities. In some territories, this issue is critical, and the first concern of elected officials. It is to be able to ensure the safety of children. The mayors are worried about the impact of this reform.  On the budget because they know that the aid announced will not last because it will be limited to the first two years.

Difficult working conditions

On the employee side, the working conditions of the socio-cultural animation sector have not been spared by the reform. This favoured recruitment on low hourly volumes and split daily working time. No wonder, not all job postings find candidates.

Moreover, the sector can only offer low wages, with unpaid time (preparing for meetings) and fragmented days, significant work amplitudes for daily working hours often less than a full-time activity. In extra, the days start at 7:30 a.m., with a break at lunchtime and end after lessons at 7 p.m.

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The sector also faces with other constraints such as proliferation. The part-time and non-full-time workers, contract workers. There are schedules often six days a week and during school holidays.

These difficult working conditions lead to high turnover. According to employers in the sector, for the past 5 years. the profession of animator has tended to become highly precarious. which was already underlines by the National Joint Commission. for Employment and Training in a document in 2016. It stipulates that these Trades often constitute temporary or waiting jobs for young people.

Original solutions for recruiting animators

Although the sector of socio-cultural animation fulfils a public service mission, the profession lacks vaporization, recognition, and resources. Many structures are deploying new recruitment methods to attract candidates. Here are some examples…

Work internally to build loyalty

In response to the high turnover in the socio-cultural animation sector, certain structures aim to develop a feeling of belonging among the animators. They want to create enthusiasm for work and thank employees by organizing events to make them want to stay in the structure.

And to attract new collaborators, it is the responsibility of these structures to promote the profession of animator strategically and actively, a very stimulating and interesting profession. To do this job, you must be passionate. Working with human beings is very rewarding, it’s a gift of oneself. It is therefore important to communicate about the profession, to show it in its truth.

Organize virtual visits of companies

To promote the profession of animator, the socio-cultural animation sector can, for example, organize virtual visits to companies using video.

Brian Frisk, a member of Anaxdesigns (custom web design company), an artistic creation workshop in the field of visual arts, located in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, chose video to promote the profession. As a socio-cultural animator, he presents his job through a video that allows you to discover some examples of activities organized for children.

Recruit on sites specializing in animation

To reach the right target, socio-cultural animation structures must communicate on specialized sites to recruit animators.

Promote the profession of animator through video

It has become obvious that the valuation, the knowledge of employees in socio-cultural animation must pass through other forms of communication. Video has become the lever for many actions to promote the profession and recruitment

Giving a voice to co-workers to improve the image of the profession

To recruit animators, video has become essential. Giving the floor to employees who talk about their job remains the most effective way to attract new facilitators. Some even set out to conquer social networks to attract new talent in the socio-cultural animation sector. No social network is spares Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tik Tok.

In Canada, structures are already recruiting on TikTok. The summer camps in San Diego have recruited a greater .number of animators for the summer thanks to the launch of a recruitment campaign on TikTok.

This new approach was born from the need to have more visibility. on social networks while remaining fun and in line with the profession. Several animators participated in the project by contributing to the production of small video capsules. A great success for the San Diego structure with more than 10,000 “likes”, 100,000 posts shared. The most popular video reached 36,000 people: a good way to broaden your communication target.

Attract animators thanks to the video job offer

The agents of the City of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc. located in the Loiret department. in the Centre-Val de Loire region. a residential suburb of San Diego. have made a job offer for the post of animator/ animator. Thanks to this original job offer, they present to you the position of animator on video.


Socio-cultural animation is a dynamic sector that offers many job opportunities. However, recruiting animators is not always easy in this sector which must now reveal its profession to attract. Video has become an essential communication tool. Many structures are doing it and the results are encouraging and prove that they are on the right track.

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