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The Mean One, The Grinch Horror Movie Release Date?

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Blood-red The Grinch’s Santa Claus coat isn’t the only one that’s red this season. The grinning green villain is back to the screen in XYZ Films’ new parody horror film that is based on the Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s story.

“The Mean One” is a reimagining of the story of the famous Grinch by sucking all the fun of childhood and substituting it with a grim storyline that leads to the accumulation filled with blood-stained white snow.

It gets its name from the tune “You’re A Mean One the Mr. Grinch,” originally performed by Thurl Ravenscroft during the 1966 animated TV show “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

“The Mean One,”” A Grinch terror parody will premiere on December

Alex Williams, XYZ Films director of acquisitions, issued an individual statement on the film and the reasons it was such a simple sale for the company’s acquisitions manager. He said:

Although you may think that the film will be released within a few years, the truth is that it will be released on the 15th of December on this particular year. So you’ll have plenty of time to recuperate from the horror of October before relaxing with a cup of hot cocoa and witness your childhood being slaughtered.

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The official synopsis of the film reads like this: “The Mean One (David Howard Thornton) is a snazzy green-skinned grump dressed in the form of Santa Claus living in a mountain above Newville and is averse to the Christmas season. Cindy, You Know-Who (Krystle Martin) is a child whose parents were killed in the hands of The Mean One 20 Christmases ago, is back in town to pursue the justice… But The Mean One is about to find out that the savage with a heart that is two sizes too small, is keen to eat the roasting beast.”

For Terrifier fans, The Grinch will be played by the legendary David Howard Thornton. Thornton was the actor who was the character Art The Clown as part of the Terrifier films and is a contemporary horror iconic figure for many. While he is a clown his intimidating and terrifying presence isn’t one to be taken lightly.


Mean One is a character played by David Howard Thornton. Mean One is played by David Howard Thornton.

Cindy You-Know Who is played by Krystle Martin.

Lieutenant Burke plays by Chase Mullins.

Doc can be played in the role of Doc by John Bigham.

Sheriff Hooper is played by Erik Baker.

Lou is performed by Flip Kobler.

Amy Schumacher in the role of Mayor McBean

It is Narrator Christopher Sanders.

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Where To Watch

Hulu members are in heaven! The only way to stream the classic Christmas film starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch is now available. The option of renting (starting from $3.99) and buying (starting from $14.99) are options for those who subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu or YouTube.


There is no trailer right now.

Is there a Grinch horror movie coming out?

Yes, The Mean One, The Grinch Horror movie are coming out on 15,December 2022.

The Grinch Horror movie:Blogrind.com

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