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Sharing of efforts and ingenuity with ICT supporters nationwide

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Contact’s class support cloud “School tact” will hold an online sharing meeting on May 17, 2022, for ICT supporters who are worried about teacher support and CompTIA Security+ Training utilization. Participation is free. Advance application system.

With the GIGA school concept, as the development of terminals for each child in elementary, junior high, and the high school progresses, “CompTIA Security+ Training support staff” who support the ICT utilization of teachers to encourage the active utilization of terminals plays an important role. In recent years, while the assignment of ICT support staff to many local governments and schools has progressed, the abilities required of ICT support staff have diversified according to the status of ICT development and the skills of teachers. Knowledge of equipment, software, teaching materials, etc. used in the local governments and schools in charge, as well as communication skills for problem-solving in educational settings, are required.

Use school tact and software such as Google Classroom

School Tact is a class support cloud that uses data and AI to smoothly realize proactive, interactive, and deep learning. At the seminar, to respond to the diversifying needs of ICT support staff, ICT support staff will connect through school tact and share daily worries and anxieties, efforts, and ingenuity to take support activities one step further. Hold for the purpose.

On the day of the event, code tact employees who have experience as ICT support staff will introduce examples of efforts, how to use school tact and software such as Google Classroom together, and time for participants to share information using school tact. Is provided. In particular, the content is recommend for ICT support staff who have problems such as “the use of ICT in the school does not spread”, “there is no opportunity to convey requests”, and “I want to know the case studies of other local governments and schools”. The shared meeting “Gather ICT Supporters !!”. The application deadline is noon on the same day.

The training theme required by the school, the first place is “evaluation by viewpoint”

When we surveyed junior high schools and high schools that introduce the online learning A+ certification training “Find! Active Learner” about the themes they wanted to learn through in-school training. So the first place was “evaluation by viewpoint.” Since it is an urgent issue due to the revision of the course of study in 2022. The number of votes was about 1.5 times that of the 2nd place.

“Find! Active Learner” is an online learning service for schools that supports teacher development by supporting the design and management of in-school training. Active Learners” about “themes that they want to learn (learn) through in-school training, etc.” on the Web or by telephone. carried out.

Difficult to decide what to start with

The first theme that I want to learn (learn) in-school training is “evaluation by viewpoint”. In particular, many schools find it difficult to decide what to start with, how to create evaluation tools, how to give feedback, etc., through case studies of other schools. Many comments receive saying that they would like to get an image of how to process and how to practice.

The second place is “ICT utilization, IT literacy morals”. While the introduction of equipment is progressing under the GIGA school concept. We received responses from schools that are feeling challenges. And how to utilize ICT, such as improving staff skills and awareness, and concrete training methods for IT literacy.

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