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RX Click- One online pharmacy platform healthcare needs

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Has this ever happened to you online pharmacy platform

You are late for work, and just when you are about to enter your office, you realise you forgot to take your daily supplements online pharmacy platform

You get anxious and use your phone to search for “pharmacy near me“, looking for places where you can get your prescriptions. But what if, instead of inquiring about your medical queries online, you could get an app that connects you with the nearest pharmacy for all your pharmaceutical needs online pharmacy platform

RX Click global solutions did that with their flagship app.

When the idea of RX Click, clicked

Technology has changed the way brands conduct their business. Thanks to mobile networks and fast connectivity, online business models became the new frontier for digital native customers. An idea for having an online pharmacy platform was coined in the backdrop of this technological innovation. One such platform- the RX Click app, is the brainchild of serial pharm tech entrepreneur Mr Vignesen.

It all started as a pharmacy business for Mr Vignesen. With a series of flourishing brick motor pharmacies, Mr Vignesen quickly analysed the existing trends, connected with his customers and understood their needs. He noticed that not all customers were satisfied with the range of products that a single pharmacy or a particular pharmacy brand could offer. As a result, customers were hopping from one pharmacy to the other to get what they wanted.

Having been in the business world since his childhood, Mr Vignesen was looking for a novel solution that mitigates the problem faced by his customers. An online pharmacy platform that connects customers with pharmacies nearby for their healthcare essentials. And while this idea was not a full-fledged solution yet, the pandemic happened. An ideal way to procure healthcare essentials became a necessity. That’s when Mr Vignesen and his team launched their solution- RX Click App.

Connecting customers with pharmacies

RX Click is a digital-first app that brought together a community of pharmacies under one single platform and connected this community with its customers. With this app and its unique features, customers can effortlessly purchase their daily, monthly or yearly healthcare essentials.

The young team of healthcare professionals ensured that when customers cannot find specific products at one pharmacy, they can easily order them from another pharmacy. This way, the RX Click app expanded the reach of quality pharmaceutical services, making the app an ideal choice for healthcare needs.

A user experience that is simple and efficient online pharmacy platform

An excellent mobile application answers the customer’s needs in the most convenient way possible. There are numerous eCommerce apps out there that offer doorstep delivery with an easy to use interface. However, the requirements are a bit different for healthcare and medical apps.

For example, in healthcare apps, you need to upload prescriptions, check for combinations and dosages etc. With its easy-to-use interface, the RX Click app has integrated all these functionalities most seamlessly and efficiently possible. Using this app, users can have their medical essentials delivered to their doorstep quickly. Also, this app goes a step further in offering simple solutions for its user with one of its unique features- Online Pharmacist consultation.

Online Pharmacist Consultation- queries answered and orders swiftly delivered

Having an online pharmacy platform is not only about ordering medicines online. Given the availability of modern-day networks and fast connectivity, we can explore this innovative solution a step further. That’s what this energetic team of young professionals did. Thanks to modern technology, customers can now connect with their local pharmacist online in just a few clicks. With this new feature in place, users won’t need to rely on Doctor Google for their health queries. They can log in to RX Click and connect with pharmacists online. Are you wondering how to use this feature? You can start using this innovative platform for all your pharmaceutical needs in easy steps.

How to use RX Click App

Using the RX Click app is easy, and it involves the following initial steps.

  • Access the appropriate online store (Play Store or App Store) and download and install the RX Click app from your preferred device.
  • Once installed, create a new account by entering all the required details like Name, Email Id, Contact number, Medical Conditions etc.(If you are a returning user, you can log in using your credentials)
  • After verifying your credentials, you will be prompted to enter your location details. Enter your address, and you will be directed to the app’s home page.
  • On this home page, you can select either one of the two options based on your needs. Medicine, for ordering medicines, you need a prescription for this or Health & Wellness, for which you don’t need any prescriptions.
  • Suppose you are looking for Online Pharmacist Consultation. In that case, you need to go to your Home Page-> Medicines-> Talk With Your Pharmacist. The app opens to a chat window where you can chat or go on a call with your pharmacist.

online pharmacy platform:Blogrind.com

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