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Pros and Cons of using PHP web development in 2022

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Did you know? Almost 244+ million websites use PHP. This programming language has been around for over decades while providing powerful, and reliable solutions among developers. Generally, PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor and denotes server-side scripting language. However, the uses of PHP have shifted and its coding language is ranked higher when it comes to web development. As per the data of Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL), PHP comes at 5th position to be the most popular coding language in the world.

Furthermore, Facebook and WordPress are some examples of software written on PHP. Facebook has evolved into a complex environment that now focuses on functions such as messaging, advertising, blogging, news presentation, video playback, and more. However, it is still based on PHP code and closely tied with other web technologies.

The current popularity of PHP is the logical result of its several advantages, which make it a powerful and effective development tool. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of why PHP is still a great option for any web development project.


Improves loading speed PHP

PHP programming helps pages load faster as compared to other web development technologies. For example, at present, PHP is considered to be faster than Python in many scenarios. Due to lower loading time, it helps to improve the SEO ranking of any website by bringing competitive advantages. Though a higher application speed would result in satisfying the customer, it also helps to build a client base.

Cheap Hosting Services

One of the common operation scenarios for a PHP website development is the LAMP stack. The website runs on an Apache HTTP web server deployed in a Linux system while using MySQL as a database. Thus, making all these components free, and the stack is well-tested, which implies in deduction of required time and funds for development.

Cloud Service Compatibility

At present, most modern products tend to use cloud computing solutions such as Amazon Web Services, for many purposes. However, the applications that are written in PHP are supported by different cloud services like AWS Lambda. Due to this, a PHP application can be applied on a cloud server and achieve maximum scalability with other beneficial effects.


Security Flaws

Over the past few years, the concern for security in PHP-based products has persisted due to many reasons. The first reason is the open-source nature of PHP, in which the code vulnerabilities become common knowledge after they have been found. As a result, during the period between their reveal and fixing it to a new version of programming language, it can be exploited by any programmer with wrong intentions.

The second reason regarding the low security of PHP is the low entry barrier for beginner programmers. Due to this, numerous websites and apps are developed by inexperienced coders or trainees. However, if you hire PHP developers in India with good reputations and certified specialists, then you should not worry about the security of your product. Many PHP development companies in India offer great value at a reasonable cost.

Lack of dedicated libraries as per modern needs

Nowadays, machine learning is a hot trend among developers. It is likely to keep its popularity shortly as well. However, PHP has its set of libraries and cannot compete with Python when it comes to developing web applications empowered by machine learning. At present, PHP cannot offer effective alternatives to Python’s TensorFlow, Theano, Scikit-learn, and Keras. As a result, it requires ML Functionality or maybe need in the future when your business scales up.

Declining Popularity

Though PHP is a powerful tool supported with a large community and plentiful reference documentation, there are easier alternative programming languages for web development. Usually, beginner developers prefer to learn Python, rather than add PHP to their skillset. At present, PHP is dominating the web development segment, but it is likely to change in the future. Specialized developers will eventually decrease and there will lack beginner developers that offer basic programming skills at a low price. Thus, the costs of products that are built on PHP will rise accordingly.

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