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ON. Digital Marketing takes you along the most important online marketing trends of 2022, where we look at areas such as SEO, SEA, social media and email marketing. You can get in touch with Digital Marketing Agency Chandigarh

Online marketing trend 1: new privacy settings from Apple, among others

Social media and email marketers will have a slight headache at the start of 2022. Not from the champagne, but from new privacy settings that Apple has implemented in iOS 15. Online marketing KPIs are therefore less easy to trace and it is more difficult to segment and reach target groups very accurately.

Within email marketing, for example, it is more difficult to track the open rate, which provides insight into how many recipients open an email. Apple uses the Mail Privacy Protection feature to block the notification when an email is opened. E-mail marketing will therefore be more focused on KPIs such as CTR and conversion.

Those who advertise via Facebook will notice that it is necessary to focus more on branding and broad targeting, because Facebook has less accurate information due to the iOS update.

Online marketing trend 2: Performance Max campaigns

SEA plays a huge role in almost every online marketing strategy. Also in this area we have an important topic within the online marketing trends of 2022. It is about Google Ads Performance Max campaigns , which are presented by Google as an ultimate weapon.

Ads are viewable through Google Search, the Google Display Network, Discovery, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. Nice, but can you sit back and wait for the sales to roll in? No, you have to enter descriptions, logos and images, among other things, and the automated system does the rest. An interesting development that is definitely worth testing. As you are used to from us, we extensively test and analyze Performance Max campaigns.

Online marketing trend 3: authority is more important

In many blogs about SEO you read ‘content is king’. You can safely say that this is a huge cliché. But clichés often tell the truth and content is indeed an important factor to rank high in Google. This does not alter the fact that (domain) authority is a factor that should not be underestimated. In fact, authority seems to be and remain more important than ever.

You get the authority that your website so longs for not only by existing for a long time, but also by arranging relevant links. In your backlink strategy it is important to put more emphasis on high quality links. What is good usually costs money and so do the better links you can buy. We recommend that you set aside a budget in advance!

Online marketing trend 4: Instagram Reels and TikTok

Video continues to be the means to score on social media. We already mentioned this last year, but we like to maintain this point as an online marketing trend for 2022.  Instagram Reels , among others  , quickly achieve a gigantic reach. That’s good, because based on the interactions with your videos you can create target groups for advertising. That is a stroke of luck if you consider that it is increasingly difficult to reach the right target group due to privacy updates. It should be clear that more views mean more interaction. Interaction boosts your entire account!

Time to invest in original video material on your social channels. By the way, don’t forget TikTok , because this is  the most visited platform of 2021 .

Online marketing trend 5: Google makes your title tag

Does it still make sense to neatly enter a title tag when publishing a page? SEO specialists see title tags as an important weapon to boost the SEO value of a page, but Google can now also come up with a title tag for your page.

Research shows that 33.4  % of title tags are rewritten by Google. 50% of the titles edited by Google use the H1 of the page. If you use title tags that are too long, there is a 57% greater chance that Google will get away with it! At the very least, we recommend that you keep a close eye on the title tags of your important pages in 2022.

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