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Most file transfer services have a limit on the size of files

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This can be a problem for people who need to share large files.

Here’s a great idea for you. If you are unable to send large files, like photos, videos, etc., to your blog readers or Twitter followers, here’s an easy way to solve that problem.
All you need is a free web-based service and some free bandwidth.
First, sign up for your preferred file sharing website of choice. If you want Dropbox or Google Drive , go with those two. For a more complete list of services, check out our guide on the best email services for file sharing . Then log onto your site and upload your files. Set the limit at 5GB (or 2GB if you are concerned about privacy) and then save them in a folder named “Files”. Next, right click on that folder and select “Set as Download”, then click the “Save As” button to download your files to your computer or laptop. You can then send the files using the email address from their site or any other method by clicking “Send File”.
If you need more than 5GB of free storage space on your site (i.e., if you have Google Drive accounts enabled), visit this page for more information about how much storage space is available per account: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/4156920?p=free_space_limit%5B1%5D&hl=en#bFree_Space_Limit

-In most cases, you have to pay to share files that are larger than 5GB or 2GB.

You’ll want to make it your first priority to figure out what you want to transfer, and then add a note as a header. It’s important that the file size be as small as possible without getting into the “danger zone” of files larger than 2GB. If you need more information such as a file extension, check the Help Center to find out what they are.
You can find more information on how to format the note in your email client on their support page, here . But if this is your first time using them, they have a tutorial on how to do it here , and their support page has helpful resources such as this one .

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, Google Drive allows users to share files up to 10GB in size for free.

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that offers users the freedom to store files in the cloud. It is an excellent tool for people who are new to file-sharing or want to quickly share large files without paying a monthly fee.
Google Drive was first introduced on July 27, 2011, when it was launched as a beta version for programmers and IT professionals. After several months of development, Google announced that it would open up its service to the public at large in early 2012.
Google Drive offers users an easy way to store and access files within their Google accounts, or through their local network. As of May 2013, Google Drive boasts over 500 million users around the world.
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