Method to increase customer in my laundry and dry cleaning?

laundry and dry cleaning

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You must advertise to attract new customers if you’re a laundry and dry cleaning service. Advertising can be done through fliers placed through doors, on community websites, and even ads in a local magazine. Adding a booking system to your website can increase your customers by increasing your online visibility. Make sure you have a business card handy for people who inquire about your services.

To increase your customer base, consider offering quality services and a selection of desired offers and discounts. You can grow your ironing service London business and get more customers by constantly monitoring your customer base. Using online laundry platforms will help you make huge profits from your business. However, it would be best if you always kept in mind that this is not an easy task. There are countless ways to increase your customer base, but the first step is identifying your customers’ needs.

Social Media Role:

Social media has a significant impact on consumer decisions. 76 percent of consumers use social media to look for local businesses. If you have a laundry and dry cleaning business, join the social networks with the most significant impact. TikTok is not an excellent way to target local consumers, but Facebook and Twitter are great for advertising a laundry business.

One of the most critical aspects of customer service in a dry cleaning and laundry business is cleanliness. Clean, well-maintained equipment and well-maintained staff are a must-have for customers. If a laundromat is dirty or unkempt, customers will be less likely to frequent it. You also need to make sure that your parking lot is well-lit. This gives customers a feeling of security.


Adding a wash-and-fold service to your laundry and dry cleaning business is another way to increase customers. As people live more hectic lives, dry cleaning demand has decreased. With this, people are turning to home-washing machines or coin-operated laundromats. If you offer a wash-and-fold service in addition to dry cleaning, you can increase your revenue dramatically.

Chemicals Process:

The process of spotting involves the selective application of chemicals to a stained garment. In spots, water-soluble stains are pre-spotted before the garment is washed. The use of solvent-based liquids and water-based detergents are used for insoluble stains. Chemicals in spots are applied to the garment before cleaning, where they penetrate the fabric. Then, a pedal-actuated vacuum captures the spotting chemicals. This liquid is then transported to a disposal canister.

Gold Dry Cleaners differ in their flammability and toxicity. Both are flammable, but their vapor pressure is less than a tenth of the reference solvent. The most hazardous solvents are petroleum-based, used in approximately 90% of dry cleaning facilities. Dry cleaners often use them. To protect workers and the environment, dry cleaners should use ventilation systems.

According to the National Occupational Exposure Survey, nearly half of all dry cleaning employees were exposed to PERC between 1982 and 1983. As a result, the industry must be aware of the impact of this chemical on the environment.

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