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Medical Digital Marketing In Social Media

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The combination of social media and digital marketing for doctors is among the most powerful today. Research indicates that 90% of adults have already made health consultations on social networks. People want to know more about health and need reliable sources to gather information.

This is where clinics and healthcare professionals active on the internet come in. In addition to publicizing their practice and increasing their recognition, they also provide the public with more accurate information about their fields.

After all, medical marketing has two objectives: to work on the professional’s authority, increase their recognition among their audience, and bring relevant information that contributes to their quality of life. All of this is possible with social media activity.

As research related to health and wellness increases online, professionals can leverage and improve their marketing even further. Ready to win more patients using networks? Check out our website https://www.healthcaremarketingagency.net/

Six tips on what to do in digital marketing for doctors

Designing a medical marketing strategy requires patience, knowledge of the networks to work, and quality content. However, with a few tricks, you can get featured and offer even better posts to your audience.

Follow CFM guidelines

First, we must be ethical and careful in marketing to the area. There is a fine line between good disclosures and misleading advertising in the industry. Therefore, the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) established clear medical advertising rules.

Are you starting your virtual outreach now? We recommend reviewing the regulation carefully, not breaking the rules and running the risk of legal problems with the entity. We’ll talk later about what the Council specifically doesn’t allow, so read on.

Have your voice for your digital marketing for doctors

There are thousands of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare spaces on the internet. Do a quick search in your region, and you will notice the number of professional profiles with the potential to be very similar to yours.

How can the patient navigate this sea of ​​information and find it, in addition to identifying with your brand? First, we recommend adopting your language for your content. This includes what you do visually and even in the way you speak.

First, analyze your audience carefully and see how they speak. Is it in a more concise, quick, and informal way? Or is it in a straightforward manner, even using some technical terms? Depending on who you want to reach, you’ll need to adapt. Even small changes in how you write separate you from the crowd and make your profile stand out.

Educate your audience through posts and content

Educational posts and videos form the foundation of your digital marketing for doctors. These are some of the most engaging content on social networks for profiles in the area, as well as helping to raise the awareness of your audience and educate them about common health problems.

The recommendation is to invest a lot in this type of publication, always taking care in the approach. In addition to informing, you want to present yourself uniquely. Your content needs to be easy to absorb and understand.

Avoid abusing the texts in the images, taking advantage of more descriptions. Never transcribe a thesis to social media, as rapid information consumption is one of its main characteristics. Texts need to be easy to digest, divided into short paragraphs, and avoid an excessive number of words.

Combining healthcare social media marketing and content marketing with a blog is also a good idea. Thus, you can work more detailed information in texts for the blog and use summarized posts for the networks. If anyone wants to know more, just visit their website. This is even a great strategy to increase website traffic!

Fighting lack of information and fake news

Many “experts” want to give their opinions, even if they are not based on facts regarding health. But unfortunately, your patients and potential patients do not know to disprove them and need your help.

Demystifying myths and fake news about your field is a great way to attract attention and educate the public simultaneously. By working on posts of this type, you take advantage of a hot topic, show your expertise and generate trust in the user.

Share information and news in the field of digital marketing for doctors

Your patients want to be taken care of by someone who is always informed with the most relevant news in the area. So, how about showing them that this is real by sharing such information?

Whenever you receive updates, news, or new research, it is worth sharing them. This generates curiosity and also builds your image as an expert. The same goes for any event or congress in the area you attend.

Show that you’re always looking for the newest information in your industry for patients. They appreciate your attention and are even more confident in your service.

Publicize your specialties and procedures

This content marketing isn’t complete if you don’t take advantage of it to attract new patients. While CFM restricts actual sales posts to medical professionals, such as promotions, you can still advertise exactly what you or your clinic does.

Show the specialties worked, office equipment, exams, and procedures. Your target audience must understand what you do to schedule an appointment. It is also important to show exactly what each specialty does. Many people don’t even know when to look for a doctor in each area.

What not to do in digital marketing for doctors

To be successful with your digital marketing for doctors, always be very aware of what not to do. The CFM takes very heavy punishments for those who do not follow its advertising regulations. This could even spell legal trouble for those involved.

Check out a list of what not to do to be able to work on your content with peace of mind:

  • Publicize consultation prices and procedures. Pass this information only by private message;
  • Use appealing or misleading advertising with promises of results;
  • Decrease the importance of other specialists or health professionals;
  • Expose patients, even successful cases, using their image or name;
  • Publicize procedures outside your specialty;
  • Disclose before and after photos of procedures;
  • View surgical specimens were taken from patients on the internet.

CFM’s concern is that marketing in the health area loses its ethical principles. By following these guidelines, you can work your medical marketing perfectly. It’sThen, it’s time to work on your social networks, getting even more success for your profile with these tips!

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