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Leverage Redemption Season 2 Release Date

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The Hitter The Hitter, the Hacker and as well as the Grifter The Thief, the Hacker and even the Hitter have returned This time with the help by a brand new technology genius as well as a corporate repairer to face a brand new type of criminal. When someone is in need of assistance they provide…Leverage.

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Leverage redemption Season 2 Creators:

  • Chris Downey
  • John Rogers

Leverage redemption Season 2 Cast:

  • Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux
  • Beth Riesgraf as Parker
  • Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer
  • Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison
  • Noah Wyle as Harry Wilsona
  • Aleyse Shannon as Breanna Casey
  • Pierson Fodé
  • Alanna Masterson
  • Anand Desai-Barochia
  • Steve Coulter
  • Doug Savant.

Release Date:

First released: 16 November 2022.

Last updated: January 25 2023.

Season 2 All Episodes:

No. Overall No in season Written by Original air date
17 1 Chuck Maa & Mel Cowan  November 16, 2022
18 2 Josh Schaer November 16, 2022
19 3 Noah Wyle November 16, 2022
20 4 Danielle Nicki Motley  November 23, 2022
21 5 Kate Rorick & John Rogers November 30, 2022
22 6 Jill Weinberger December 7, 2022
23 7 Dean Devlin & Alayna Heim December 14, 2022
24 8 Teagan Wall December 21, 2022
25 9 Chris Downey December 28, 2022
26 10 Jill Weinberger January 4, 2023
27 11 Josh Schaer January 11, 2023
28 12 Kate Rorick  January 18, 2023
29 13 Chuck Maa & Mel Cowan  January 25, 2023

“When someone is wronged We’re here to make things right.” Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman’s Grifter) declares to introduce the official trailer of Leverage Redemption Season 2. “Why do we do it? We want to get rid of our past of crime and make use of our special abilities against corruption and power.”

The heist-themed drama returns to its third season. It will air initial three episodes airing on Wednesday, November 16 , on Amazon Freevee, with the remainder of 13 episodes being released every week until the final episode on January 25 2023. Based upon the promo, the show is likely to remain an extremely enjoyable shows on TV right now.

In Season 2, this Robin Hood-like group of criminals who carry out elaborate scams against wealthy and powerful people for clients who were wronged, is back to teach corporate criminals and criminals who are stepping on the weaker person when they ask of power and money to learn. Whatever the risk or the need for assistance they provide…Leverage. Their criminal abilities are tested through everything from a husband-wife team operating a multi-level advertising scam , and a shipping magnate that dumps boats of garbage into the ocean, to a producer who abuses his power over women who are vulnerable. A former friend of Sophie’s mysteriously comes out of the woodwork which makes her question her decisions.

Leverage Redemption is starring Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux, Beth Riesgraf as Parker, Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer, Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson and Aleyse Shannon as Breanna Casey. Aldis Hodge will be back in the role of Alec Hardison.

In Season 2 in Season 2, the Leverage Team’s (admittedly criminal) capabilities are tested by everything from a husband and wife team that is running a multi-level advertising scam , to an shipping magnate who dumps boatloads of garbage into the ocean, to an artist who abuses his power over women who are vulnerable.

The season will also see Sophie’s old friend sudden appearance out of the woodwork, causing Sophie to think about her choices ….

The guest actors in Season 2 are Pierson Fode (Animal Kingdom, The Bold and the Beautiful), Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead) Anand Desai-Barochia (The Outpost), Steve Coulter (She-Hulk, P-Valley) and Desperate Housewives alumni Doug Savant.

Kate Rorick and Dean Devlin are executive producers and co-showrunners together with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson as well as John Rogers and Chris Downey are the consulting producers.

Why Leverage Redemption Season 2 Hardison left ?

Aldis Hodge is back on the show as Hacker Alec Hardison in Leverage’s revival, Leverage: Redemption However, Hardison was dismissed from the team earlier in the season. Why? The series returns nearly a decade after the first series ended , as the team comes back together to take on some more pros. Although he is a vital member of the group, Hardison only appears in the initial two episodes, which is an odd absence for the character that is a favorite of the viewers.

After Leverage was shut down and Nate and Sophie quit, Hardison, Parker, and Eliot have run Leverage International, expanding the team’s responsibility of plundering the wealthy and powerful globally. Sophie is then able to come out of retirement to play Leverage Redemption following the passing of Timothy Hutton’s Nate. Parker and Eliot are reunited to the team they were in with Sophie, however, Hardison becomes indispensable to their international activities. After just one mishap, Hardison resumes traveling around the globe, and his foster sister Breanna Casey is stepping into his shoes as the principal hacker for the team.

In the end, Hardison had to be sacked off the show in the early days due to the demands of Aldis Hodge’s ever-busier schedule. When Hodge first appeared on Leverage the show, he was just beginning his career. He took on the role at 20. Since the show’s end, Hodge has appeared in several projects and his acting career has increased. On TV, he was a part on the shows Underground and TURN Washington’s Spies and has played prominent roles in films like Hidden Figures, One Night in Miami, and box office smash The Invisible Man.

Is there a season 2 of Leverage: Redemption?

The action crime thriller Leverage Redemption will be returning on Amazon Freevee next month! Season two of the show will be available for streaming on Wednesday, November. 16. The season’s 13 episodes will be released the initial three episodes on the premiere day.

Where can I watch season 2 Leverage: Redemption?

You can watch the show via Freevee or Prime Video.

Will Timothy Hutton return to Leverage: Redemption Season 2?

Tim Hutton’s Nate Ford will not return on this show and the producers have decided to alter the plot. Ford will pass in the year prior to when the new story starts.

Has Leverage Redemption been renewed for season 2?

Leverage Redemption was renewed for another season which will begin on the 16th of November 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

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