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Glazonoid provides you with a wide range of mirrors that can be used at every place. One of our most famous products when it comes to mirrors, is LED MIRROR. They are rapidly becoming a requirement in modern day households. Their lighting has an amazing influence even in the smallest areas that do not support any natural light.  

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of LED mirrors is their energy efficiency. LED lights tend to last longer than the ordinary bulbs, you might not even get a chance to replace it.

They last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours, whereas a regular bulb will only last about 2,000 hours. This means saving money on every purchase while doing your bit for the environment. 

LED mirrors: interesting and essential features 

They come with various added features like a demister pad and steam-free mirror. Another interesting feature of mirror with LED lights is they have certain inbuilt sockets which are useful for charging your shavers or toothbrushes at the places of their storage. 


Its illumination and radiance has a wonderful effect on the entire room. Both mirrors and lights have major role play in making a place look tidy and spacious. They not only make it look large but also brighter than before.

Mirrors are used as focal points and a piece of attraction in large spaces. Mirror with light bulbs have colour changing LEDs, which you can set and change in accordance with the theme and interior of your house.

We are all aware about the fact that natural sunlight is the best source of light, but it can not always be available. Especially during winter months and rainy days, but also in the rooms.

In fact, LED bulb mirror provide better illumination without the harmful effects of any artificial light. Which makes it the reason for LED mirror to be continuously used by our experts who are in the field of hair snd makeup, as it makes the face glow in an absolute way possible.

At the entrance, a large LED mirror works well. The ones with varied heights will have a faultless appeal and will make everyone stop and stare for a few minutes in front of them.

The wide range of LED mirrors is an added great benefit. Those old days are gone where one shape and size and fittings were a difficult time consuming task.

Depending on the size of the room, you can choose the mirror of any shape of your choice. We make mirrors with an all-around LED glow, and provide you with mirrors where light reflects from above. Glazonoid has mirrors for whatever your needs are.

LED mirrors are not just mirrors. There are also LED mirror cabinets. Hence, an amazing added feature is all that extra and storage space provided. Here not only you can keep your makeup and skin care products,but also the toiletries and the  medicines required.

The radiance from the LED mirror throws light on the space even during nights and  evenings, allowing you to get ready around without switching the main light on. 

Glazanoid : Customers happiness is our first priority 

Here at Glazonoid, we are driven and motivated to our customers’ and their needs. Whenever you make any LED mirror purchase from Glazonoid, we promise you will definitely gonna love it, because we have years of experience and experts who keep keen check into the products.

All of our LED  mirrors and all of our other products are of high standard, and also, we would like you to show some love to our latest collection. 

agree with the need of owning a product that looks exactly like the dream you see for your house. Glazonoid always try our best to make every product as precise as we can. We are confident about our mirrors, using a superior technology.The product is verified multiple times before launching it in the market.

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Mirror light plays a vital role in making your makeup look and feel right. If you are a makeup lover and enthusiast about it then you will agree with the fact that a LED mirror has a major role to play in the look you desire to achieve. Application of makeup in dim or dull light might give you a cakey finish.

The mirror’s gleaming reflected surface may help make a room appear brighter and larger, thus it can be cleverly employed to create the sense of space. They have the ability to brighten up any space and make it appear more appealing. Allow them to greet visitors at the door:

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