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Learn these new trends of yoga to improve mental and physical health

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There are many benefits of yoga. This is an effective sequence for the physical and mental health of any person. Through this, you can be happy in every way. While it prevents many diseases in one way, on the other hand, it reduces your stress. This is the reason that today it is becoming increasingly popular among people all over the world. Over the years, new variations have been incorporated into its ancient form of physical and spiritual practice to make it more contemporary. At the same time, some trends of Yoga Sana came in the past, which suddenly gained popularity on social media. Somewhere people are doing it with the help of a rope, while somewhere people are doing it in the middle of the sea. Overall, the more you know about these yoga trends, the more interesting and new you will find them. Let’s know about these trends of yoga.

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Some special trends of yoga:-

yup yoga

1. Sup Yoga

Soup Yoga or Super Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga originated in the US in 2013. In this type, yoga Sana postures are performed on a paddleboard in a calm water body like a lake. The most important thing in this is balance when you have to maintain balance while on board. At the same time, people may be afraid to do it, but if you start doing it slowly, then your balance will be done. This strengthens your core muscles and at the same time helps in reducing şişli escort weight.

Broga yoga

2. Broga

You would never have imagined this yoga, but it seems that men in the West discourage and prevent yoga Sana from practicing it. This is what gives rise to Broga, especially for men who don’t have much flexibility for exercise. It also helps to strengthen the muscles with mental and spiritual balance and focus on relaxing tight areas of the body. This also gives relief to the tight areas of the people.

High-Intensity yoga

3. High-Intensity (HIIT)

It is a type of high-intensity yoga that combines asanas with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These dynamic yoga poses encourage you to do short but intense forms of active activity with stretching in the body. Experts argue that intensity interval training yoga Sana increases blood flow, improves heart health, and reduces strain on knees and joints.


4. Chroma

As the name suggests, this unique form of yoga offers an immersive Yoga Sana experience in light and colour psychology techniques and mind-stimulating music. These blue-ray colour squares promote energy. At the same time, there is an effect on metabolism in a yoga class with red light. On the other hand, doing Yoga Sana in pink light classes calms your mind, in this way this yoga leads you towards meditation and mental peace.


5. Yogalates

This combination of yoga and Pilates, which includes both strict postures and breathing techniques. It is slowly becoming famous in foreign countries. In addition to improving flexibility, yogalates is known to reduce weight, improve voice, and help with back and spine problems. People like to do this more who have back pain. Muscles get relaxed with the help of these Yogalates. At the same time, those people who sit on the chair for a long time, it can be very beneficial for them too.

Roga Yoga

6. Roga Yoga

Roga is specially designed for runners and helps them with their running stamina, strength, endurance, and mindfulness. For this, special attention has to be paid to the posture and the way of breathing. You can increase your stamina by doing Roga Yoga. Most professional sportsmen and runners like this Yoga Sana very much.

Slackline Yoga

7. Slackline 

It is a popular form of Yoga Sana among beginner balance instructors. This can be practiced in a space of one or two inches. Slacklining requires a lot of focus and can be a great exercise to mediate between body and mind.

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