Latest Trends in Laminated Mailer

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To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to know all about the latest trends in the industry. Here we will talk about Colours and Patterns, Adhesive technology, Shelf life, and Adhesive options. Read on to find out more about this type of mailer. Below are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs. Let’s begin and Know the latest trends in Laminated Mailer.


Depending on the box’s color, lamination can help minimize crease lines in the mailer. Dark-colored mailers tend to show crease lines more than lighter-colored ones. Lamination is also an effective way to reduce cracks in the fold lines. It is recommended that lamination be applied to the box if the design contains full-color text. This technique is especially effective when the mailer is made of thicker materials or uses a full-color print.

If your mailer contains coupons, laminate it to make it more visible to consumers. You can customize the mailer with the recipient’s name and business information. People will certainly pay attention to a direct mail coupon, and laminated mailers are an excellent way to drum up new business. In addition, they can be printed and laminated to last a long time.


Look no further if you’re wondering how to design a mailer for your next promotional campaign. A well-designed laminated mailer will make your marketing materials look sharp. These mailing pieces are a sturdy and durable solution for gift card promotions.

Adhesive Technology

The newest advancement in lamination is aerated adhesive. This technology helps reduce the areas of insufficient adhesion and maximizes initial bond strength. It also provides greater production flexibility and reduces laminating line downtime due to cleaning. Modern adhesive application units use counter-rotating roller systems to apply the adhesive to the printed sheet material. It can be applied to flexographic, gravure, and roll coaters.

The world’s laminating market is experiencing a boom with the rise of solvent-free or water-based adhesives. These materials contain no solvent or volatile organic compounds and are a significant step toward sustainability. Solvent-based adhesives typically consist of three-quarters solvent and one-third solids. The solvent is removed during the laminating process, which requires a substantial amount of heat input. However, today’s solvent-free laminators can control the amount of adhesive deposition.

Shelf Life

One of the critical considerations when selecting packaging is the shelf life. To maximize shelf life, you should choose a laminated mailer with a longer shelf life than a plain, unlaminated mailer. There are several ways to extend the shelf life of your mailer, so consider the materials you use before deciding on the best one.


For those looking for an effective and durable mailer, consider purchasing a laminated one. These mailers are lightweight and can save you considerable money on postage. You can even have the mailer printed with postage labels and barcodes. This way, you can be sure that every piece of mail you send out will be as high-quality as the rest.

These laminated postcards have many uses. They’re perfect for auto shops, as they can drive customers into their showrooms or shops. High-gloss laminated postcards can feature cars on the lot and special offers and rewards programs. Restaurants can also benefit from using laminated postcards. If the laminated postcards feature photos of their menu items, consumers are more likely to remember the brand over a simple postcard.

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