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Instagram SEO How to improve your Instagram account?

Learn how to add a touch of Instagram SEO so more people discover your brand.

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It’s fair to say that for us social media marketers, it’s not very easy to get our brands discovered. Take the content marketing guys, for example. They have Google. Now, as long as they’ve done it well, those pages will start generating traffic from search engine results month after month.

But for us, well, we have to resort to word of mouth and rely on users to share our content with their networks and mostly create a kind of Instagram SEO. It turns out that we can also do SEO and use this marketing strategy to attract new followers.

Buy Instagram followers UK is the new currency of the world of social media. A posting table can help you streamline your social media strategy and build an online presence.

In this post, we will discuss Instagram SEO in detail. We’ll also cover some of the strategies for optimizing your posts and social profiles for relevant keywords. Before we get to that, let’s discuss how keyword search works on Instagram and how it has changed recently.

How Keyword Research Powers Instagram SEO.

Instagram has always supported keywords. Well, up to a point at least.

Users have always been able to use them to find other Instagram profiles. As long as an account included these keywords in their Instagram profile – name, username, bio, for example – or used them in a hash tag – users could discover them in search.

The social media platform has taken its SEO features to the next level recently.

Now, I have to be direct and let you know that depending on where you live, you may still not be able to use this feature. This is because keyword research is not yet available to everyone (but it will likely be soon.)

Optimizing the Instagram Profile

While Instagram SEO is all about making your content – ​​posts, stories, photos and videos discoverable, you should start by optimizing the profile.

There’s one more reason for this besides making it discoverable – you need to ensure a good user experience to get new visitors and convert them into followers.

Make your username searchable.

It’s the first thing the social platform will search for the user’s keywords. So make sure your username is simple and contains the most relevant keyword related to your brand or product category. Ideally, it should also not have any symbols that confuse the public.

Of course, your brand name may not include specific keywords. You can expand it on Instagram, however, and include additional terms next to the brand name.

We did this with our account, adding our product category to the name.

Instagram SEO principles explained.

As a result, the product category also appears in the title tag of our profile and hopefully increases our reach.

Optimizing the title tag with primary keywords on Instagram.

This way, you will be able to monitor the engagement on your profile and the results of your Instagram SEO.

Using Keywords in All Your Instagram Content

Instagram SEO is very much about including the right keywords throughout your content. So, let’s look at different options to enrich what you post with various phrases that Instagram users can type in the search box.

Let’s quickly look at each of them. We’ll also talk about including keywords in image alt tags to boost Instagram SEO.

Including Keywords in Hash tags.

Hash tags allow you to optimize your posts and add search-optimized keywords without expanding the caption.

The added benefit of optimizing hash tags for Instagram SEO is that they allow you to include keywords and phrases that possibly wouldn’t naturally fit in a caption.

Take a look at the same post above. There’s no chance we’ll include all these keywords in the caption. With hash tags, however, we can easily target them.

Using Keywords in Image Alt Tags.

When it comes to Instagram, the Alt Tag works very similarly to similar tags you see implemented on websites. The small snippet of text is intended to help visually impaired users discover what is in the image in front of them and have a complete web experience.

When adding a new photo to the social network, select the option “write alt text” to add your tag. Describe what is in the image and include at least the primary secondary keyword. This will help Instagram better understand the content of the post and have it in relevant user surveys.

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