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Impact of AI on the Writing Industry

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In the simplest of terms; we can define artificial intelligence as the kind of intelligence that is demonstrated by machines instead of human beings. Intelligence is something that has the ability to acquire and apply knowledge or Writing Industry

skills to different circumstances. Intelligence was purely a human attribute but it has become an attribute of machines as well; thanks to information technology.  Basically; artificial intelligence supports computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making qualities of the human mind.

Every such field or sector of life that uses different technical machines to bring ease and perfection in their work is under the impact of artificial intelligence (AI).  Students often Buy Essay Online services from different online platforms and they transfer money through E-payments, which is also a form of artificial intelligence.  Varying from the education sector to health sector, from the construction sector to the industrial sector, everything is impacted by artificial intelligence in one way or another. In the following post; we will be disusing how AI has left its influence or impact on the writing industry.

Writing industry:

Writing can transform the way a person sees the world (Writer, 2021). You might already have got an idea about what actually writing industry is but we would like to elaborate on it a bit more. Any kind of company, industry, or platform that offers its writing services in different forms is known as the writing industry. The English Essay Help, that students take from online sites to the blog posts that people read; are all different parts of the same industry (Writing industry).  There are different categories within the industry of writing; some of these categories are as follows:

  • Professional writing.
  • Content writing.
  • Business writing.
  • Academic writing.
  • Technical writing.
  • Scientific writing.

Impact of AI on the writing industry:

Artificial intelligence is a field of study and the resulting innovations and developments that have culminated in computers, machines, and other artifacts having human-like intelligence characterized by cognitive abilities, learning, adaptability, and decision-making capabilities (Chen, 2020). Everything has its positive and negative effects, and so does artificial intelligence. As Stephen Hawking said:

“AI is likely to be either the best or the worst thing to happen to humanity”

Now; it is up to us how we use AI. Will we let it control us and become its slave or will we be the masters! Let us go through the positive as well as negative impacts of artificial intelligence specifically on the writing industry.

The positive impact of AI:

Following are some of the positive effects of artificial intelligence on the writing industry:

  1. Text editors: Artificial intelligence has helped writers through its application of editing. It is the computer program that allows humans to enter, change, store, and print the content. Characters are arranged by this program in a way that they form or align the sentences perfectly.
  2. Autocorrect: Another app or program of AI that has helped writing industry is the auto-correction program. This program uses the keyboard dictionary or the customizable dictionary of a person to spell check the words as the person types. If it finds any misspelled words then it autocorrects them or highlights them for you to fix them.
  3. E-payment: Many students buy online writing services so they can use this app of artificial intelligence to pay for the writing services that they take.
  4. E-commerce: If you are questioning the relation between E-commerce and the writing industry then let me clarify it for you. Many online forums provide exceptional writing services, be it academic help or copywriting services through the means of E-commerce, which also is a form of Artificial intelligence.
  5. Search & recommendation algorithms: Writers can easily find the queries that they have regarding any content by just mentioning the question. They will get multiple recommendations to get their answer. This again is a useful app for artificial intelligence.
  6. Error detection: Such AI apps have been introduced that not only detect the error in your sentence formation or punctuation mistake but also provide the correct form of it.

The negative impact of AI on the writing industry:

It’s time to look at certain negative impacts that artificial intelligence has brought into the writing industry.

  1. Being able to write about virtually anything: AI has created a model that can write about anything. It can copy the writing style of some of the most famous writers. These machines can write poetry, essays, songs, jokes, cooking recipes, and so on. This is the negative aspect of AI because writing free of emotions is nothing but words and machines don’t have any emotions.
  2. Unemployment: The invention of various AI models has taken the place of human beings in different industries. Now it has begun to impact the writing industry as well so the position of many writers is also at stake.
  3. No creativity: It is the quality of human beings to come up with something unique and creative. Machines can be fed with the idea of writing such-and-such content but they cannot be creative. They cannot add the idea that human beings pick from their daily lives.

These are some of the most common negative impacts of artificial intelligence on the writing industry that we could think of.  We are prone to human error like machines but we have given our honest opinion without someone feeding ideas in us.


Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to think and decide like human beings. They can process the human language through various means. The innovations of AI have impacted every field or sector of our lives including the writing industry. We have mentioned some of the positive plus negative impacts of artificial intelligence on the writing industry. Hopefully; it would have given you guys a broader perspective and idea about the topic.


Chen, L. (2020). Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Review. IEEE Explore , 8, 75264 – 75278.

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