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How to Repair OverSized Outlook PST – Proven Method

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Summary:- Desperately searching for solution to repair OverSized Outlook PST. Well, do not look anywhere, you are at the perfect spot where you supposed to be. In this blog, we will discuss methods by which users can easily solve this query.

When we talk about the PST, we’re talking about a data storage file that holds all of Outlook’s data. And if something goes wrong with it, you’ll get a corruption error. Now, in order to fix the corruption, Outlook includes an inbox repair tool called ScanPST.exe. However, it is not an ideal solution in many situations, such as the inability to restore large PST files.

Furthermore, through this article we will discuss how users can repair Oversized Outlook PST file using different techniques. But before we move ahead in this post, let’s talk about the main reasons that are possible for large Outlooks data file.

Main Reasons for OverSized Outlook Data File:-

There are mainly two reasons for Oversized Outlook PST, which are:-

  1. Duplicate Outlook items, such as duplicate emails, contacts, calendar data, and other items, are a key cause of Outlook PST expansion.

  2. If you have a lot of attachments in your Outlook, it will consume most of the space in your Outlook data file.

How Can I Fix Large Outlook PST file?

There are number of methods by which you can repair OverSized Outlook PST. Follow these below mentioned methods:-

Method 1. Split PST File:-

You can split the huge PST file into many smaller PST files to handle it. However, there is no built-in function or feature in Outlook to divide a huge PST file. However, utilizing Outlook’s ‘Archive’ or ‘Import/Export’ options, you may simply minimize the size of your PST file. These are possibilities for splitting the PST file when moving mailbox data from one PST file to the other.

Method 2. Compact the Data File:-

Deleted data space can be removed using the ‘Compact Now’ option in Outlook 2013 and later versions. This aids in the compression of the huge PST file. If Outlook’s data file includes a lot of data, it compacts it automatically. Users can manually compact the PST file by following these below listed instructions:-

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook on your system.

  2. Then go to file tab and after that press on the account settings option.

  3. In the account settings window, hit on the data files tab, and then choose the data file that you want to compact.

  4. Now, tap on the settings option and from the data file box, press on the compact now option.

  5. Finally, click OK button.

Method 3. Eliminate Duplicate Emails From PST File:-

Oversized PST file is caused by a large number of duplicate emails. In that instance, deleting duplicate emails may be beneficial in resolving this problem. If the underlying cause of the problem is corruption, you’ll need to fix the PST file.

Because the huge PST file is corrupted, you must fix it in order to access the Outlook profile normally again. An integrated Outlook inbox repair utility named ScanPST.exe may be used to resolve huge PST file difficulties. Even while the error notice suggests using the inbox repair tool, the truth is that it will fail to retrieve all Outlook properties from a huge PST file and may further change your original file contents.

Best Way to Repair OverSized Outlook PST File:-

If your PST file is Oversized, there are high chances that it might just get corrupted. Which is why we highly recommend running a free trial of Best PST Repair Tool to fix the corruption and resolve this issue. Furthermore, this tool does not instantly resolve the problem, rather it eliminates corruption if it is the root of the problem.

In order to repair Oversized Outlook PST, follow these below mentioned instructions:-

  1. Firstly, install and run this software on your operating system.

  2. After that, press on the Add file option in order to add your PST file.

  3. Then, choose the Advanced scan option to repair the Outlook data file.

  4. Now, click on the Export option and select your desired destination to save the resultant file.

Key Features of this Software:-

  1. Recover the contents of a corrupt PST file and replace it with a new, healthy PST file.

  2. Encrypted file recovery is supported, with the option to disable encryption.

  3. A user-friendly interface that is straightforward to understand and operate.

  4. Emails from a corrupt PST file can be retrieved.

  5. Looking for PST files on your hard disc is a time-saving option.

  6. Repairs are made regardless of the amount of corruption: low, medium, or high.

  7. All mailbox contents, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals, are displayed in their entirety.

  8. The possibility to save the log report of the repair procedure.

Final Verdict:-

In this blog, we have talked about main reasons behind PST file corruption. Also, we have mentioned both free and professional method by which users can repair Oversized Outlook PST. Users can choose any method according to their requirement and need.

If you have damaged or corrupted PST file, it is advisable that you should utilize the expert Solution that we have also mentioned in this blog post.

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