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How to Prevent Garage Leaks

Prevent Garage Leaks

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The condominium manager must manage all the actions that are necessary for the condominium.  Implement planning and schedule for maintenance throughout the year. These actions are necessary so that unwanted surprises do not occur. The need for extra apportionment to solve any possible problem in the condominium.

In building condominiums, several maintenance are necessary over time.  Good maintenance planning should be one of  focus of attention.  As It is  predictive and preventive maintenance optimizes the resources of the condominium.

Many syndics expect problems to become critical to carry out an intervention in the condominium.  Thus often neglecting predictive maintenance.  Instead of inspecting and detecting possible failures.  It makes corrective maintenance necessary.  These are more costly and worse. , when they are performed.  It means that the functionality has already been compromised.

Predictive maintenance should be considered by the trustees as an investment in the infrastructure of the condominium.  It can ensure that its planning is not changed and that there is no need to anticipate an investment in a work.  Some more incisive action in the building, always maintaining control. in the condo’s cash flow.

Preventive maintenance in Garage

1 – How to get started:

It is very important to always check the general condition of the basements,  Assess whether there are any infiltration problems in the condominium garage.

2- Not washing the garage:

From the second basement onward, the structure does not have an asphalt blanket. So it is not healthy to wash the garage with water. In this case, water at the site will seep into the slab and cause damage to the structure.

3- Washing and dry Cleaning:

To carry out the dry cleaning of the garage it is necessary to use qualified equipment.

4- Punctual Solutions:

Solving specific problems quickly is an excellent method to prevent further damage to the structure and concrete that is porous and easily infiltrated. Using chemical injection is the most efficient way to solve specific problems quickly and definitively.

5- Maintenance of the grout:

To carry out the maintenance of the grout from the upper floor to the garage.  It is necessary to place spacers in the places and pass the grout by hand in the necessary points. Using the mastic so that the grout does not present flaws and space for infiltration.

6- Drain cleaning:

Cleaning the drains located in the ground or walls. For More About Drain cleaning service Consult here

7- Water the garden less:

When the garden is watered more than 2 times a week.  The fact that the roots of the plants are infiltrated in the soil and close to the garage ceiling.  The water can seep into the garage through the garden causing problems.

8- Avoid planting large trees:

Large trees tend to have large roots that grow deep into the ground and can crack the concrete.  Thus invading the structure, planting large trees opens gaps for water to enter the concrete. For More blogs Click here

9- Pruning cat nails:

Cat Nails Can be the reason of clogging.  Thus generating a path for water to cause infiltration. .

10- Call a Specialized Company:

Look for a company with a qualified team of civil construction engineers to solve problems related to infiltration. All with a focus on condominiums and definitive solutions, using chemical injection waterproofing, solving the problem definitively.

We saw in this article that predictive tools are essential for building condominiums, they are long-term investments, ensuring greater sustainability for the condominium, increasing management efficiency and optimizing available resources.

The main maintenance is superficial and dedicated to common spaces, as well as the hall and garages, ranging from the solution of various  among which the most common is infiltration, which is often silent but cunning damage.

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