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How to Convert EMLX to PST – Here’s Solution

Tool to convert emlx to pst file instantly

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In today is era, email clients are almost everywhere, such as organizations, institutions, etc. Mainly, emails play a crucial role in transferring messages to distant locations. In terms of this, MS Outlook is one of the best and most widely used email applications across the globe. Users prefer this application, due to its secure and advanced features. So, for that, users find an alternative technique to convert Apple Mail EMLX to PST. However, they are unable to find the best way to accomplish the same.

Apple Mail is a Mac-compatible email client that stores its data in the MBOX file format. However, it becomes tough for a user to understand the difference between the MBOX and EMLX file formats. The EMLX is a file format that stores only emails from the Apple Mail program. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the reliable and instant way to convert EMLX to PST. But, before that, initially, go through the below-outlined queries to understand this topic more.

User’s Scenarios

“Today, I received EMLX files from one of my colleagues in the office. But, I am utilizing Outlook as my email client. So, I need to import EMLX into Outlook. To do so, I searched for many solutions but did not get any satisfactory results. Now, I am getting tired and want an instant solution to convert EMLX to PST without any data loss. Please suggest me a quick way to do the same. Thanks a ton.”

“I need help! Is there any helpful and efficient solution available to convert EMLX to PST file format? I have thousands of emails that I have managed to save for a very long time. Now, I just need to import all the EMLX files into the Outlook email application without losing a bit of data. Please suggest a suitable method that is as simple as possible. Any assistance would be kindly appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Best Way to Convert Apple Mail EMLX to PST

Here, we have come up with an effective way to export EMLX to PST. This is a third-party tool named “Apple Mail EMLX to PST Converter.” Using this amazing tool, you can easily convert EMLX to PST without any obstruction. Due to its understandable interface, it is a true example of user-friendliness. Users execute the conversion procedure using this software without having any high-tech knowledge. Mainly, this tool furnishes a safe and secure conversion from EMLX to PST. Some of its comprehensive features are listed in the oncoming segment. Let’s have a look :

  • Instantly convert batch EMLX to PST file
  • Retains the folder hierarchy during the conversion process
  • Provides multiple options to store a resultant PST file
  • Supports all versions of Windows Operating System

Steps to Convert EMLX to PST File

To implement the conversion from EMLX to PST simply, follow the below-explained steps. All the steps are listed in an efficient manner. You just have to follow all of them sequentially:

Step 1: Initially, download and run the tool into your system.
Step 2: Then, you have to choose files. Here, the software will facilitate you two options such as Select Files & Select Folders. So, you can select any one option according to your need. After selecting the file, following window displays to your screen.
Step 3: Now, click on the Convert button to proceed further.
Step 4: Here, choose destination location, where you need to save resultant PST file. Then, the application provides Create Single (.pst) file option to store all converted data into a separate PST. Afterward, hit on OK button.
Step 5: Subsequently, the software begins the conversion procedure of Mac Mail EMLX to PST. Here, you can view the live conversion status of files.
Step 6: Finally, the SysKare EMLX to PST converter tool successfully converted complete data of selected EMLX files into PST. Furthermore, to save the export report you have to hit on Save Report button.

It’s Time to Verge

Conversion from Apple Mail EMLX to Outlook PST is not a simple task, because it consists of some technical steps. In these circumstances, it is highly recommended to go with this effective software. Because this Apple Mail converter provides, assurance that it will give you the desired outcome. Moreover, the choice is totally yours, but take the decision wisely, because a wrong step can lead to the deletion of your important data.

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