How To Become an Optometry Assistant (COA) in 2022

Who is a COA?

A certified ophthalmic assistant is a person who works under the supervision of an ophthalmologist or optometrist to give the patient the needed care. The COA prepares the patients for standard tests and takes the required measurements. The Optometry Assistant also disinfects pieces of equipment use by the eye doctor. 

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What does a COA do? 

A COA’s regular job includes the given duties – 

They obtain and update the medical records of patient

They perform preliminary eye function examinations

They interpret medical photography, including ophthalmic imaging, videography, and photography. 

They administer procedures like LASIK and other eye surgeries 

They give the patient details about their treatment, Optometry Assistant such as appointments, medications, etc. 

Skills require for the job role of COA 

  • You should have excellent observational skills because ophthalmic images require attention to detail.
  • You should know computer operations like entering records and maintaining a database.
  • COA makes measurements which means you should be good at maths and science.
  • You must have great communication skills as you need to converse with both the patients and the doctor regularly.

Work environment

COAs are require in hospitals, clinics on medical centers where they can assist ophthalmologists. If you are a COA, you can work part-time or full-time, depending on your location. Some days can be busier, Optometry Assistant so you must stand for hours and attend to multiple phone calls.

Steps to becoming a COA 

To start your journey as a certifie ophthalmic assistant, you need to take the following steps. 

Get a high school diploma:

The minimum requirement to become COA is a high school diploma or a GED. 

Get on-the-job training:

When you receive on-the-job training, you observe processes and understand the workings. This is another way to complete pre-certification training.

Get admission in the training program approved by the JCAHPO:

A standard way is to attend an accredit school or enter a training program for ophthalmic professionals. When you complete the course, you can gain a one-year certificate and a diploma. You can also complete an independent study course using JCAHPO materials to become eligible for certification.

Complete required on-the-job training:

To get the certification of an ophthalmic assistant you need at least 1,000 hours, around six months, of on-the-job training within 12 months. If you are receiving on-the-job training first and then studying independently, you must meet 2,000 hours of supervise training and earn 12 JCAHPO Group A credits.

Clear the certification exam:

The Certified Ophthalmic Assistant exam has 200 questions and takes nearly three hours. Test preparation can be done by taking online courses or you can also study on your own.

Timely renew certification:

The certificate of COA is only valid for three years, so in order to continue your profession as an ophthalmic assistant you must renew your certification. To do this you can continue your education and then pass the exam. 

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