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How Not Knowing Flat Fittings Makes You a Rookie

Flat Fittings

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There are several categories of Flat Fittings that you can use to connect your struts. Flat Plate Fittings, otherwise known as splice plates, are made from 1/4″ thick plate steel with 9/16″ holes in them. These splice plates are joined to other strut sections with 1/2″ hex head cap screws, Unistrut channel nuts, or spring nuts. For more information about these flat plate fittings, please review our Unistrut channel nuts article.

Splice Plates

The Unistrut Metal Framing System has several different parts. Flat Plate Fittings are one of those parts. Made of 1/4″ thick plate steel with 9/16″ holes, these Flat Fittings join the strut sections together. Unistrut channel nuts or 1/2″ hex head cap screws are commonly used to join flat plates to struts. For additional flexibility, Unistrut also offers flat plate fittings in Stainless Steel Type 304.

Slip Fittings

When you want to connect two pipes in a straight line, Slip Fittings can be the ideal choice. They feature a push fitting with a sealable end and are ideal for PVC crafts, DIY projects, and garden structures. These types of fittings are lead-free and approved for use with potable water. However, you should know that you should avoid them in some circumstances. If you’re not sure, here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of using them.

First, slip fittings don’t have threads or barbs. Because they don’t have threads or barbs, they must be securely attached with glue. They can come with spigots or sockets, which slip over the pipe’s end. Flat Fittings will be cleaned, and the pipe will soften before the slip fittings are fitted. Once the fitting and pipe are secure, the plumber should use glue or another adhesive to hold them together.

Flat Fittings

Next, you should consider the type of pipe you have. Many people use PVC pipes because they are much less expensive and can be easily installed. PVC pipes have female threads, which can be attached to male fittings. Then, if you’re not using PVC pipes, you can choose a socket/spigot slip fitting. Flat Fittings are a versatile option and can be used with various fittings.

Slip Fitting – One-way Slide 2 in

If you need to connect two pieces of PVC pipe, you will need the Slip Fitting – One-way Slide. It has a one-way sliding design that makes it perfect for use on braces, supports, and the middle pole. It comes in a variety of colors to match any decor. These fittings can be used to connect PVC pipes for various purposes, including medical and training equipment.

A Slip Fitting is a fast, easy, and convenient way to join two pieces of pipe. Whether repairing damaged pipework or connecting a branch to an existing installation, these products make the job quick and easy. They feature an easy-grip nut design for rapid winding onto pipe and quality threaded components. Depending on the temperature, they can be installed at temperatures up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another slip coupling is the Mighty-Align EMT. This coupling allows you to repair copper quickly and easily or CPVC pipe. The easy push-to-connect design means you don’t need a plumber to repair it. A disconnecting tool is provided to remove the coupling easily. These slip couplings are reusable and can be used time again. A Slip Fitting – One-way Slide is the fastest way to connect a pipe in an emergency. It doesn’t require soldering, and Flat Fittings be easily reused.

Flat Fittings

Standard C and Miscellaneous MC Channels

MC Channels are also called junior and miscellaneous channels. These flat fittings are made from hot-rolled steel and have a rough blue-grey finish. A36 material is considered low-carbon steel, which is long-lasting and durable. The flange slope of MC Channels is smaller than that of “C” channels, which makes them useful in trailers and other structural uses. MC Channels are governed by ASTM A36 / A36M-08 specifications.

Firstly, these channels are available in multiple widths and sizes. They provide good tensile strength, weldability, and flexibility. These products are ideal for structural applications, including building frames and stairs. Secondly, service Steel Warehouse has full processing capabilities to provide you with the right MC Channels for your next project. Finally, just be sure to check out the wide variety of styles and sizes.


The purpose of Angles in Flat Fittings is to create angles where various materials meet. Among these types of fittings are 45 Degree Angle Fittings. The product is a corner plate with three holes constructed from heavy-duty hot-dip galvanized steel. The product comes in a box of 25 pieces. Among the many benefits of using Angles in Flat Fittings, the most important is the reduction of leakage paths. Flat Fittings also prevent accidental disconnection or loss of fluid during connection. The H90 series is rated for a maximum working pressure of 350 bar operating temperature of -20deg and above.

Structural Tees

They manufactured by slicing a standard I-beam or H-beam through the center of its web. The symbol (ST) indicates the nominal depth and width of the flange and the weight per linear foot. Another name for the structural tee is rolled tee. The letter T precedes the structural tee symbol. For example, the symbol “T4” indicates a four-inch flange weighing 9.2 pounds per linear foot.

Flat Fittings

Industrial Metal Supply has six locations in Southern California and Arizona. Their extensive stock of structural tee bar products includes thread less tees. Thread less tees are ideal for flat fittings because they do not require welding to connect pipes and tubes. They also allow the user to modify existing pipe structures without extra work. If you want to order a structural tee bar, make sure it fits well.

In conclusion, socket weld tees provide excellent structural capacity and bolt/weld shear resistance. Due to their high axial and flexural capacity, they are also preferred as bracing members for trusses. They can also placed back-to-back to form a virtual T-shape section. And their unsymmetrical geometry makes them ideal for structural tees.

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