How Kraft Candle Boxes Enlighten Your Brand in The Market?

Kraft Candle Boxes

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Candles have long been used to light up our world. Initially, they were used to spread light only but as time passed they became a constant décor item in our celebrations and home. Even if we don’t know it at first, something as simple as a candle plays a vital role in our life.

Consider how many times you’ve used candles to mark happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Because of its warm light, a candle may provide consolation and guidance even in times of sorrow. It makes our romantic moments more special with its presence. Would you be able to enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other without a candle? No, because it won’t be a romantic dinner anymore.

Just as a candle is important for making our moments special so is its packaging to give it a special appearance. If you are looking for a smart packaging solution for your candles then you must give a thought to kraft candle boxes as they are highly customizable. In this article, I will tell you how you can use kraft material to design enticing candle packaging.

Highly Customizable

Kraft paper is easy to customize and so are the boxes made from kraft paper. let us see what are the possibilities when it comes to customizing your kraft boxes.

Box Shape

There is no limitation when it comes to choosing the best box style for your candles. However, you must choose the one which matches the shape of your product so that it can fit your product well in it. You can even customize the box style if your product’s shape is unique and does not match any of the available shapes. A few shapes for candle boxes include

  • Pillar candle boxes
  • Round candle boxes
  • Shoulder neck candle boxes
  • Drawer style candle boxes


The design of your packaging box will help you to build a customer’s perspective. By breaking down the elements of your logo into shapes, lines, textures, and colors, you can portray your brand in a very imaginative and exciting way through both the candle and its packaging.  You can even use hand-drawn illustrations, floral images, and fancy typographic details to enhance the design and value of your candle boxes.


Captivate the attention of your customers with astonishing printing. Get anything printed on your kraft boxes including your brand logo,  inspirational quotes, catchy taglines, high-quality pictures, etc. You may use digital printing or lithography depending upon your budget and box requirements. However, you must use excellent quality printing to avoid getting your design smudged or buried because the wax in the candle is likely to destroy the design when it melts.


Nobody wants a boring box anymore so you can choose from a variety of finishing options, including Matte or Gloss lamination and Soft Touch options. These lovely finishes will help to highlight the elegance of your customized candle boxes. You can also get foil stamping (in any color), Spot UV, embossing or debossing, insert option, PVC-Window Patching, and Window Cut-out as add-ons to give your candle boxes a visually appealing look.

Protect The Candles from Scratches And Breakage

A premium quality packaging ensures the safety of a product. In the case of candles, sturdy packaging is a necessity to support the candle and keep it from breaking or deforming its shape. The packaging of the candle must also protect it from sunlight and heat to keep the wax from melting and changing its color.

Candles are fragile items therefore a packaging box must keep them intact during shipping as well as storage. Kraft boxes are ideal for preventing the candles from getting damaged due to external environmental disturbances. These kraft boxes are also ideal for shipping purposes. Besides these kraft boxes are made from biodegradable kraft paper that can help to keep the candles safe from scratches and preserve their fragrance.

Represent Your Product Nature

The scent of your candle is a determining factor for the color of your candle packaging. you must choose a color that represents a certain type of scent. For instance, the white color of your packaging box will represent vanilla and freshness, blue will represent the ocean and floral theme, green represents fruity and aromatic feel, pink usually represents the floral scents, red represents festive scents, and yellow mostly represents tangy and tropical scents.

Cost-Effective Packaging

Kraft is comparatively a cheaper packaging material among the other materials available in the market. Making your candle boxes out of kraft material also provides you added resilience from the environmental factors such as heat and humidity that might melt away the candles. So you would not have to worry about including extra add-ons to keep your candles safe from high temperature and humidity. Moreover, kraft boxes are light in weight and this ultimately cuts down your shipping charges.

Eco-Friendly Solution

As a company, you don’t have to focus only on earning hefty sales revenues. You should rather give back to the people to let them lead a better life. Using kraft paper for making your candle boxes can help you achieve this goal. Since kraft is a completely organic material made from pure oak wood it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

It is easy to recycle and reduces waste and pollution from our planet. This will also leave a positive impression on the customers. Especially those customers who are conscious of keeping the environment safe will prefer your product over any other similar candle when looking up for one. This surely would be a win-win situation.


If you are a new company or an old one. Kraft boxes for candle packaging are a budget-friendly option for you. They are highly customizable so you can design them as per your requirement. These boxes are also light in weight. So they reduce the shipping cost of your product as well. Kraft boxes are both ways a win-win solution to all your candle packaging problems.

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