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Being a Muslim has many meanings. Islam is the complete submission of all creatures in the universe to the commands of Allah (the Almighty). It is the religion that Allah sent His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH), and he required Muslims to believe in everything that he brought with heart and soul and set an example for all others. Hassaan Quran academy is an online Quran academy offering online Quran classes through Online Quran teacher to learn about all the basics of Islam.

The distinction between the Islamic pillars and religious faith

There is a significant distinction between faith and Islam. Islam considers a component of faith because the concept of faith is broader and more profound. Even Allah – the Highest – distinguished Islam and other forms of religion. They have faith because they have an agreement between their hearts, minds, and feelings about Allah’s existence.

So every believer is a Muslim, but not everyone who calls themself a Muslim is a believer, and even the pillars of faith differ from the pillars of Islam, which are as follows:

Islam’s five pillars

Al-Muttalib (Allah the Almighty) placed the five pillars of Islam upon His followers that they observe simultaneously for Islam to be valid.

Islam will be unable to stand if it’s not meeting the requirements. This emphasizes the significance of becoming a Muslim. The five pillars of Islam are as follows:

The two testimonies 

The testimony that there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. They are believed to be the initial foundations of Islam, without which Islam deem ineffective and invalid.

To establish prayer 

Allah has placed on Muslims five daily prayers, which are as follows: “the dawn prayer,” “the noon prayer,” “the afternoon prayer,” “the sunset prayer,” and “the evening prayer.” Islam recognizes these rituals as obligatory.

Donating zakat 

Entails giving zakat money, life, and one’s means of subsistence.

In Ramadan, Muslims fast because of the order of Allah Almighty.


Allah has made it mandatory for Muslims to make the journey to His Sacred House, and it is out of His mercy – the Mighty and Sublime – that He has created this pillar for those who can make the pilgrimage to worship Him.

Faith’s foundational pillars

The pillars of faith cannot be learned or gained since they are sensory behavior, sensations, and personal beliefs in the heart. There are six pillars of faith, and they are as follows:

Allah’s trust is based on the following:

It is the first and most fundamental pillar of faith, and it is the belief in the existence of Allah, his divinity, and his power that the servant must-have.

Belief in the existence of angels:

In other words, the servant believes in the reality of angels and believes that they are creations of Allah.

Belief in the messengers and prophets of the Islamic faith:

The Muslim must believe in the existence of the prophets and messengers whom Allah sent before the Noble Prophet. That Allah loves them all equally and does not make any distinctions among them.

Belief in the existence of divine books

To be a Muslim, one must believe that Allah revealed books to the Prophet Muhammad. That all of them were initially Allah’s words before human beings corrupted them.

The Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, the Scriptures of Abraham, and the Noble Quran were all protected from distortion until the Day of Resurrection by Allah Almighty.

Belief in the Second Coming:

To understand the meaning of being a Muslim, one must believe in the existence of the Day of Resurrection, also known as the Day of Judgment. Every human being on the face of the earth, ancient and modern, will be held accountable. Then each will be assigned to either Heaven or Hell according to their deeds.

Belief in destiny and the ability to predict the future:

In addition, it is done with a complete understanding that all that occurs is by the decree and decree of Allah, whether it is for good or for the bad. Learn much more about Islam and its principles through an online Quran teacher.

Hassaan Quran academy provides the service of an online Quran teacher to teach you the Quran from basic to advance levels through online Quran classes. If you want to learn Quran from an online Quran teacher, get to register in our online Quran academy.

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