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Government jobs can be found after polytechnic?

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After passing the tenth, the biggest tension of the student is what to do after 10th that the future career will be good, but if someone is there to show them the right path, then they get a lot of benefit in the career, but if there is no guide. If yes, then this is a big problem, if you have also passed 10th class and want to know about some such courses, after which you will get a job, then this post is of great use to you because in this post we will tell you that Have done polytechnic and which government job can be found after polytechnic?

Through this post, we will tell you the details of Polytechnic courses, along with you will know how to get the polytechnic form, and which courses are conducted under it. Can I do B.Tech after this and if yes then how to do B.Tech after polytechnic. Many such dilemmas occur in the middle of the student, which is not clear, then it becomes very difficult for them to plan for further studies. Through this post, we have tried to remove all the faculties related to this course and after reading the article you will get answers to all the questions related to it. Without delay, let’s start and know what is this polytechnic and how is the polytechnic paper.

What is Polytechnic?

Polytechnic is a technical course which comes under Diploma course. This is a very popular course which can be done after passing 10th or 12th. Polytechnic means Diploma in Engineering. Many branches are taught under this course, it is a way to prepare junior level engineers. Those who do B.Tech get a degree, while students studying diploma from polytechnic are given a certificate of diploma. After which he is appointed to the post of Junior Engineer and given a job.

There are many types of courses taught under polytechnics, which can be joined by mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering and many more courses. Once you have done a diploma in polytechnic and want to study further then you can do B.Tech.

To do B.Tech, you have to take admission in the second year as lateral entry. Yes, when you do this course, it is a 3-year course and you do not have to study in the first year of B.Tech Engineering. Directly you get admission in the second year which is known as Lateral Entry.

To do polytechnic, after passing 10th, students have to write an entrance examination. After taking out the entrance examination, on getting a good rank, they are given a chance to study in their favourite branch by choosing it. The colleges associated with it are mainly government colleges, in which it is very cheap to study after taking admission, whereas if someone takes admission in a private college to do a diploma, then its fees are very expensive.

How to do Polytechnic?

To study under polytechnic, first of all it is necessary to take admission in it. To get admission in Polytechnic, students have to write an entrance examination. Entrance examination is taken every year in which lakhs of students appear in the examination. Those who pass and get good rank and they get admission in good colleges.

The best way is that as soon as you pass the tenth and get good marks in it then you can sit and write in this examination and if you clear this exam then it is a big deal for you to take admission in polytechnic. Will not. After taking admission, you get to study a branch, which you have to do as a course for 3 years, as a diploma in engineering, you have to study for 3 years after which you will get the diploma. Certificate is received. In this way, you can work in a company on the post of a junior engineer. What is the criteria to do polytechnic, that is, what should be the qualifications of the students to study it, how many days is this course and to do it? What happens after, let’s know all these things.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in Polytechnic Course

There are two chances to do a polytechnic course. That is, when you pass the tenth, after that you can write the entrance exam for diploma engineering i.e. polytechnic and for the second time you can sit its exam when you pass 12th.

10th Level

After passing the tenth, you have to write the DET (Diploma Entrance Test) for the entrance examination. After passing the examination, you get selected. If you pass the entrance examination with very good marks, then you get admission in the best and best government diploma college. In this way, the admission you take, you find the fee very less. On the other hand, if you are not able to get good marks in the entrance examination, then you have to take admission in a private college, for this you also have to pay a lot of fees. It takes 3 years to do a polytechnic course after 10th.

12th Level

If you are thinking of doing a diploma course after 12th, then polytechnic can prove to be a good option for you. After passing 12th, the diploma course has to be done, it has to be done only for 2 years.

Courses Taught Under Diploma – 

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Diploma in Civil engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Automotive engineering
    • Software engineering
    • Electronics and communication engineering
    • Chemical engineering

To get admission, one has to write the Common Entrance Test. Only after getting good ranks in this, you get admission in any good and best government polytechnic college.

Syllabus for exam

Students taking admission in polytechnics, who want to do their study after 10th, are ask questions on the basis of class 10th itself. In this mainly questions are ask from the topics given below.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • general science
  • Hindi
  • English
  • General knowledge
  • And Biology

What to do after doing polytechnic?

Often students are very upset think that they have done polytechnic, what to do now? Under this, when you take a branch and study it and when you get a certificate of diploma, but a door opens for you to do a job. The second door is for you to study further.

After doing a diploma, you can do a job in any private or government company or you can do B. Tech by taking admission in an engineering college. In this way, now you can get a degree after graduation. When we do a job only by doing polytechnic, then you also get the designation of a junior engineer accordingly and if you do further studies and get a degree, then you get a good job on the basis of that. Along with this, your salary also becomes very good.

Government job after polytechnic:

Polytechnic is the most followed course after passing matriculation. It has many government and private colleges. There is a fee for doing it from a state-level government college, but the fee is high in private.

Many students are able to do only a diploma and that is why after doing diploma or say polytechnic, they start looking for government jobs. That is why here we are giving you a list of government jobs that you can get after doing a diploma course.

  • Indian Army
  • Public Works Department
  • DRDO- Defence Research and Development Organisation
  • railway
  • ONGC- Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  • GAIL-Gas Authority of India Limited
  • Irrigation Department
  • NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)
  • BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited)
  • IPCL (Indian Petrochemicals Limited)
  • infrastructure development agency
  • BSNL- Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited


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