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Get The Best Gift Ideas for your Kids

Gift Ideas for Kids

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As per usual, I enlisted the assistance of my team of elves to help me put together this piece. And present to you the BEST OF THE BEST gift suggestions for kids this year—gifts. That both boys and girls will appreciate and use. I’m a major supporter of presents that foster creativity and skill development. As well as STEM gifts that inspire the next generation to think beyond the (television) box. I’m also a huge supporter of STEM gifts. You can be sure that all of these toys are ones that my elves, er, kids, enjoyed picking out for the kids to receive as gifts this year. We will discuss the Best Gift Ideas for Kids.

Twin-sized Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover

I was thrilled to find this duvet online after first noticing it in the Wonder movie promo (of all places). They also offer numerous motifs, but my personal favorite is the astronaut. Beyond the infinite!

Mackenzie Hard-Sided Spinner Luggage in Navy and Orange Gingham

My kids adore these, which we found last month in a super-duper sale in a different pattern. They are the ideal size and simple to move about. In my book, anything that makes my kids beg to carry their bags is a success!

Sleeping bags with faux fur

Kids won’t grumble about sleeping on the floor if they can cuddle in one of these gorgeous sleeping bags with an animal motif, I promise! Excellent for trips with the family, vacations, sleepovers, and pretend play as well.

Magic Tracks by Intel A Racetrack So Amazing It Can Bend, Flex, and Glow
These were dubbed “the best” by my sister, and she doesn’t say that lightly! Magic Tracks swivel to the side, and this variation even lights at night. I can’t wait to give these to the kids as a surprise this year.

Visit JR by Garmin

For my 7 and 9-year-old children, this is “THE” hit of the year. How could we refuse these kid-sized activity monitors when both asked for the Vivofits? The step counters also show the time of day and a timer in addition to the number of steps taken. The responsibility for many things, including reaching there on time and limiting screen time, is shifted onto them by those last two aspects, which are incredibly helpful. Parents receive updates to the app on their smartphones, and there is a function where you can give kids virtual coins for finishing chores. They are ecstatic when they exceed their daily step objectives, making this the BEST purchase of the year.

Deluxe Spirograph Design Set

As a former teacher, I’m a huge fan of games and toys like Spirographs that help kids develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities. They’re also just so much fun to use.

Drum set VTech KidiBeats

Since my children are already in primary school, I wanted to add something for younger children, and the KidiBeats Drum Set fills the bill! Kids adore the sounds they can make with this basic drum set, and it’s a terrific method to teach them motor skills (minus the seriously loud banging of ACTUAL drums.)

Switch, Nintendo

This had to be there because, based on what I’ve heard, it’s what every youngster wants this year. The best feature of this system is how versatile and portable it is, making it ideal for use in several settings. I’m a big fan of adaptability!

Dash Robot from Wonder Workshop

Another robot that teaches the fundamentals of programming and coding. When I learned that our primary school was utilizing them, I had already included them in my Gift Ideas guide, so seeing them in use made me pleased.

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