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Five Effective Whiteboarding Techniques

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Whiteboarding sessions are excellent for ideation and team collaboration. They foster creativity and make the material more aesthetically appealing, as well as more easily absorbed and retained. While whiteboards are ubiquitous in most office settings and everyone appears to be familiar with how to use them, there are a few tactics that may significantly enhance how you utilize whiteboards in meetings. The following are five strategies for conducting good whiteboarding sessions.

What is the purpose of a whiteboarding session?

Whiteboarding sessions are meetings that utilize a dry erase board in an office or classroom setting. During whiteboard meetings, one or more participants can swiftly create, change, and erase pictures and textual information on a dry erase board.

Why are whiteboard sessions beneficial for teams?

Collaborate Meaningfully

Certain encounters need the utilization of several regions of your brain. When it comes to setting out new procedures or choosing the next step in a product redesign, whiteboarding sessions, in comparison to other types of meetings, can foster more innovative thinking. Whiteboarding sessions’ participatory style encourages group participation, keeps meeting attendees interested, and leaves lasting memories.

Alternate Typical Meeting Formats

We are all familiar with the phrase, “change your perspective on things, and the things you view will change.” Whiteboarding sessions may be the ideal method to approach meetings and projects differently, providing new perspectives. Additionally, you may increase group participation by having meeting attendees take turns utilizing the whiteboard. Encourage team members to use different coloured markers to create exciting graphics related to the meeting topic in order to spice up the whiteboarding session and break up your typical meetings.

Energize Innovative Solutions

When presenting prepared content via a stale slide deck, it’s easy to lose everyone’s interest in a meeting. Whiteboarding sessions allow for real-time exchange of ideas and solutions during meetings, and the progressive structure of the session encourages group engagement. Collaborating with team members to illustrate visual thoughts and textual material on a whiteboard creates an environment conducive to innovation. Invite meeting attendees to stand and walk around the room, and have many individuals use the board simultaneously to truly get the creative juices flowing.

Five tips for doing productive whiteboarding sessions

Keep Your Purpose in Mind

Meetings that are most effective have a well-defined agenda and goal. To establish the meeting’s tone, write the meeting’s objective, purpose, and issues to be resolved at the top of the whiteboard to keep everyone on track. Leave the meeting objective at the top of the whiteboard as a regular reminder to assist keep the group focused and on track.

Compose Clearly

Begin the meeting by removing any non-essential information off the whiteboard and continuing to do so throughout the whiteboarding session to eliminate visual clutter. Additionally, ensure that you take the time to write text on the whiteboard properly and neatly. Having an unreadable board will only serve to distract meeting members.

Arrange Your Thoughts

As thoughts flow, you may find that the whiteboard becomes disorganized and congested. Attempt to group thoughts into logical categories, columns, or sections in order to make the text as comprehensible as feasible. By categorizing the information, you may give a helpful visual guide to conference attendees and keep the discussion on track.

Establish a “Parking Area”

Meetings lose momentum when participants divert their attention to various discussion channels. If you have any excellent ideas that are not relevant to the present project, put them aside and allocate them to the “parking lot” to be addressed at a later period. A piece of the whiteboard in the corner can be used to scribble down unrelated remarks or subjects. If time permits, revisit the “parking lot” at the conclusion of the meeting or handle off-topic suggestions at a subsequent meeting.

Establish communication amongst all team members

While whiteboards are an excellent tool for group discussions and cooperation, they may be ineffectual when used with distant team members via video conference call. Frequently, the camera must be angled awkwardly to view the whiteboard, and meeting attendees may partially or completely cover the camera’s vision. Even if the whiteboard is visible, you may only see the presenter’s back. Utilize a video conferencing system that enables digital whiteboard capture or digital whiteboarding to ensure that everyone in the conference can watch and participate in the whiteboarding session.

Five Reasons Why You Should Include Whiteboarding in Your Video Conference Call

While whiteboarding works really well when you’re in the room and exchanging thoughts and clarifying ideas, you may feel a bit left out if you’re phoning in through video. Regardless of how adept you are at using digital flowchart software in an online meeting, the whiteboard remains king when it comes to expressing complicated concepts in the conference room. This article will demonstrate how to integrate any standard whiteboard into your video conferencing experience using Lifesize ShareTM and Kaptivo.

Improved Collaboration

Whiteboarding eliminates obstacles from brainstorming sessions and enables anybody to take up a dry-erase marker and begin sketching ideas immediately. A physical whiteboard’s freeform nature facilitates cooperation by alleviating the rigidity associated with software-based solutions.

Absence of Distractions or Errors

Kaptivo automatically eliminates people, reflections, glare, and shadows from online meeting participants’ full-color whiteboarding sessions. There is no need to angle your webcam toward the board – the Kaptivo camera automatically records everything.

Receipt, Documentation, and Review

Online meeting attendees may see the live whiteboard in the same way they would any other presentation, and meeting moderators can quickly record the meeting and get a complete timeline presentation of the whiteboarding session to include in a recap or host for future reference.

Make Security a Priority

By default, all Lifesize conversations are secured, and Kaptivo protects digital whiteboard sessions and sensitive information using SSL encryption and join-approval processes.

Simple to Install and Configure

The setup is simple and straightforward. Connect the camera to the Lifesize over your whiteboard and associate it with it. Share to enable whiteboard presentation sharing with a single click.

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