Everything you Need to Know About Office Relocation

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Office space needs changes with time and business environment, maybe you are expanding or shifting your office takes a big toll on everything, from employees to whole business. It is too much big task to relocate an office. It’s not just a physically daunting task, but moral too. Offices take very long time in relocation, from days to several months. Few companies need to make a transit office for their daily operations too. Office relocation has multiple variables and here we are providing you with some helpful points that you should look thorough when you relocate next time.

A successful office relocation depends on planning and execution of the plan. The most effective way is engraved in decision-making process to a detailed project.

Following Are Some Issues Which Occur While Relocation of Offices:

Productivity Loss

Packing, moving and unpacking everything in your office takes time. Items travel shipping from one place to other take time. Hence, productivity losses will be there in business operation while transferring.

One of the solutions is to use weekends for the move, try to find a long weekend for shifting the office. There is a chance you may need to book packers and movers in very advance as on holidays few issues can occur. Plan and accommodate productivity losses well in advance. You may ask employees to work remotely.

Space Planning

Make a space plan well before relocating the office, from furniture to water dispensers, Electrical and telephone wiring other carpentry works everything should have been done well before transits.

Identify Budget Planning

Set up budget for relocation, take costs of packers and movers and also factor in the lost cost of productivity, and non-function of business operations due to relocation.

Packing Efficiently

Office materials, files, equipment, tools, electrical appliances, furniture, computers, etc. are really costly, arrange and mark them and pack them in serial numbers to limit any miscommunication.

Coordination Between Team

This is the difficult part, coordinate with the team members while translocating, communicate dates and movements of cargo with people, it will help in business operations. Tell employees when to pack and unpack their items. Take suggestions from your employees too.

Office Relocate Plan

Office relocation check your lease, if renting. Doing things up by the dates help in honouring the agreements terms, do check your lease and avoid any confusions.

Tips For Successful Relocation

Plan the move in advance

Planning of relocation takes a lot of time for small to medium offices plans should start six-month advance, for the large offices it may need 1 – 2 Years.

A comprehensive project plan is needed. It will decide the in-charge of relocation, identify the responsibilities of tasks with people and fixing the deadlines.

Select a coordinator

An in-office person needs to be selected as coordinator. The person will be supervising and managing the relocation.

Deciding a Budget

Budget will be based on the different variables like, rent, deposits and dilapidation fees, Administrative/agency fees, Security, relocation companies, Storage fees, Insurance, Service charges, Refurbishment/interior design fees, Utilities, etc.

Building a Team

Make an office team, that will work closely with the in-house manager to manage the entire moving process. The responsibilities of this team will be

  • Enlisting all the tasks involved in the moving process
  • Preparing the sequence depending on the priority
  • Dealing to movers and packers for their services

Hire an Office Relocation Expert

The task of office relocation brings a lot of mess in the working environment. Business corporate must hire professional moving services. They would analyze the requirement of company and carry out resettlement activity. It will minimize non-working hours and maintain the business output as usual. This would also enable your company to save a lot of time in performing office relocation. The transition period would be smoother. The detailed documentation would be taken care of the professional packers and movers.

Hiring an established team of the best packers and movers would save you from relocation plans, Infrastructure needed, Equipment needed, Shipment of old office appliances and Quotation for entire procedure. The brainstorming session would be done by the relocation service providers. Trustworthy packers and movers also assist you in legal documentation, to obtain business permits and construction permits.

Setting up target dates

By looking into lease and other contracts, fix a suitable date. Before that date, everyone in the office has to do assigned moving tasks. You will inform the renovator or builder and finalize the packer and mover before the date.

Inform your vendors and customers

Intimidate your vendors and customers that you are relocating to a new office well-in-advance so that they can be aware of expected possible delays in service, deliveries or communications. Inform them how and where they can get services during the office shifting process. You can notify your customers using the following ways-

  • Send them text messages on their mobile phones
  • Distribute flyer’s that include your new office address
  • Email them
  • Update your website with such notification using a banner
  • Use social media to notify your fans and followers.

Finally, remember to upgrade your safety of office, from physical to network security. Check all the material, equipment etc. have arrived and working properly. Clear any pending bills.

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