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DC Inverter Air Conditioners – Mechanism and Function

DC Inverter Air Conditioners

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ACs are a necessity, the scorching summer heat and chilly winters cannot be survived without one. Since the inception of DC Inverter Air Conditioners technology, a major shift can be noticed from non-inverter type AC to DC Inverter. There are several reasons behind this shift, that shall be discussed in detail in this article. So, in this article we will tell you the difference between DC Inverter AC and non-inverter type AC. Hence, stick with us till the end and then head to Hyundai Power to get the best DC Inverter Air Conditioner.

How Does DC Inverter AC Work?

In an Inverter AC, the compressor functions as the heart and brain of the air conditioner. In a regular, non-inverter type Air Conditioner, the compressor works on a start and stop mechanism. As soon as the AC reaches to the desired temperature as directed by you, the compressor will stop working.

Then the fan in the AC shall take its place and try to control the temperature of the room. This mechanism makes the AC consume 3x (three-times) more energy than the usual. Consequently, causing you a lot of money in the electricity bills.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know how the DC Inverter AC works? Unlike non-inverter types, the compressor in the DC Inverter Air Conditioner works tirelessly all the time. Meaning, if you have set the temperature at 16 degrees, and the AC has achieved it, the compressor will not go off. Rather, it will slow down its speed and along with the help of the fan it will try to maintain the set temperature of the room.

When it realizes that the temperature is rising again it will increase its speed. Hence, keeping the temperature under control. This mechanism prevents the machine from rotting or corroding as well as saves you a lot of money when it comes to billing. Also keeping them eco-friendly, because they do not emit the harmful gasses that cause ozone layers’ depletion. So, it also saves the environment at the same time.

Key Features of Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners

As discussed above, the DC Inverter Air Conditioner is better than the non-inverter type. In Pakistan, there is no lie that Hyundai DC Inverter ACs are unparalleled. Hyundai has laced its Air Conditioners with certain features and technologies that make them one of a kind. The key features of Hyundai AC that make them work wonders. These features include Turbo cooling, I Set and I Feel function, 5 Fan Speed Mode, 4D Swing Function, and Long Air Throw.

These features make sure that your room is cooled/warmed at the right temperature, in the appropriate way. To enhance these features and keep your room filled with fresh air to breathe, Hyundai ACs have included features like Silver Ions, Intelligent Defrost, High-Density Filter, Self or Auto Cleaning Function. Moreover, it includes Sleep Mode, to ensure your peace and comfort.

Moreover, the compressor in DC Inverter Air Conditioners can even be enhanced with further techniques. For instance, a twin rotator compressor is included, with gold fin technology. These functions play a pivotal role in maximizing the durability of the machine. As well as enhance its productivity, resulting in efficient cooling and effective performance.

Hence, Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners are the best choice in Pakistan. They have launched several series so the customers have various options at their disposal to select the best from the best. These series include, Aster Series, Vogue Series, Maestro Series, Flair Series, Elegant Series, A Series, and to be launched Solitaire Series.

Price of DC Inverter Air Conditioner in Pakistan

DC Inverters are a bit pricey in Pakistan as compared to other Air Conditioners. While purchasing one, it might cost you a fortune. Yet if you consider this option in the longer run, it is evident that it will save you a lot of money in electricity bills. Since they are energy efficient, they are cost-effective.

If you consider Hyundai AC, it is clear that they have jam packed hundreds of key features in single units and yet cost you as minimal as possible. If you look for these features in other brands, you may find to your dismay that other brands do not offer so much. Hyundai makes sure to provide the customers with the best of the best while costing you as minimal as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Hyundai Power, ask the representatives to guide you and get the Air Conditioner that suits you and your living space the best.

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