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With so many pre-rolls companies in the industry, not many can provide you with genuine quality packaging that ensures your valuable product is safe inside the box. If your products are not as fresh as they were hand-picked from the farm then your company would suffer from serious losses. In addition to that, the customers would not enjoy your products and that would tarnish the company’s brand image as well as have negative consequences for both the company and the unhappy consumer.

Packaging is, therefore, the most important element for any product. There are many retail stores all over the USA that deal with pre-roll manufacturing companies. If the pre-rolls are pack in cheap quality boxes. Not only will they be destroy due to humidity, moisture and would get crumble which would ruin the product before it even reaches the customer.

When working in a competitive smokers’ market it is essential that your packaging is top-notch and attractive to the customer that he or she is only inclined towards your product. Our custom pre-roll boxes are designed to meet all your needs and requirements with our high standard of quality at such a cost-effective rate. which is a big concern for our customers. We have specially selected the material for our pre-roll boxes for their durability and strength to protect your product from any damage during transportation.

Convenience, stylish and great quality with incredible fresh taste from the first smoke till your last one. Feel exclusive about your smoking and keep your pre-rolls as fresh as possible with our customized packaging. The pre-roll packaging is available in all sizes depending upon the orders. Our pre-roll boxes are easy to open. Light in weight, and can be carried around easily.

Why you should work with us?

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and to do so we ensure that all their requirements are met as per their specifications. We offer sustainable packaging in various shapes and sizes as well as colours. So that you can find something that will be attractive to your customers and will help boost your sales.

We offer pre-roll boxes in various sizes, colours, designs, shapes, and are customizable for adding in your logos or branding elements. With us, you can get the best quality custom pre-roll box at costs that are sure not to burn a hole in your pocket. We also have a team of experienced designers on board that would help you design and revamp your brand to a whole new level. From logos to the finishing of the product, we have you covered.


Smoking is a treat. It is an incredible experience that gives a whole new meaning to the idea of relaxation, especially after a long day. But why let your smoking experience be less than perfect? Let us help you elevate your smoking experience with our top-notch pre-roll boxes and packaging.

There are a variety of options when it comes to the printing and the style of the pre-roll box itself. You can choose from a large selection of matte, embossing, foiling, digital, or even glossy finishing. Furthermore, we also offer you free mock-ups for your designs and even have an overall plastic covering on top of your pre-roll boxes and packaging.

Fresh and delicious pre-rolls require the best packaging to keep them that way. Our pre-roll boxes are custom-design and print with a variety of printing options so you can stand out from the crowd. Never waste another stale pre-roll again!

Why make your pre-roll boxes unique through customization?

As mentioned above, customization adds a personal touch to the product and connects. The target audience is more effective than regular packaging. You as a company or individual have more control in making your product. As unique as possible through your creativity rather than present designs.

Not all companies deal with the same kind of cannabis, hemp seeds, or tobacco. So each company has its own requirements when it comes to its packaging. Obviously, all of the above-mentioned products are addictive in nature and have serious health consequences. In order to make the packaging more effective. You can include a small information section or mini points that inform the consumers about its health benefits.

Rules, laws, and regulations:

The product should be label properly with all the necessary information regarding weight, ingredients, manufacture, and expiry date. If you want your product to stand out among others in the market. You can customize your packaging and add a unique touch to it. You can get custom-size print pre-roll boxes according to your requirements. Make sure there is an instruction manual on how to use your product to avoid any misuse or accident. It is mandatory that you state any health risks or hazards associated with this product.

Customization is the way to do this, as it gives the companies more control over their product. A chance to add in their own touch. This is especially true for pre-roll packaging wholesale, as they have more potential for unique designs than other types of packaging. This sums up the use of customization and its importance for cannabis/hemp seed/tobacco boxes. How we can help you make your brand stand out with our services.

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