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Create a balanced working space by following these tips of vastu for home office

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It is very well known that the directions play a major role in attracting the Vastu energies towards you. Here at Vastu Devayah Namah, our expert Vastu consultants guide you about each and every vastu-related queries based on sixteen directions of your house or office. These sixteen directions determine the type of energies that are to be attracted towards you and influence your mind and work. Each one of these sixteen directions hold a special significance and influence a certain aspect of your life. Similarly, there certain directions that influence your work positively while other influence your work negatively.

Other than that, there are elements and objects present in the surroundings that create a specific environment for your work from home task. Presence of certain positive elements will enhance your focus and determination. There will also be certain element whose presence might hamper the original pace of your work and quality of your creativity. Only a vastu expert can guide you the best on the importance of all these factors.

Essential Tips of Vastu for Home Office

When your focus is diverted, productivity is low, performance is poor and appraisals are absent then stop blaming yourself. This is an important sign that your vastu for home office is incorrect and it is time to take some action against it. You cannot afford to simply take anyone’s advice on the matter therefore, we bring to you some wise words from the experts.

  • The direction of your desk should be dependent upon the nature of your job as every direction has its own attribute. If you happen to be in a creative field then the direction between east and north-east is the most ideal direction.
  • If you are into trading or business, then the recommended direction is the west direction.
  • If one is into teaching or learning profession then the ideal direction for them is to occupy between west and south-west.
  • If you are managing a team then north or south-west direction works the best for you.
  • The colour schemes are equally important so one must look after that factor and imply it in the vastu for home office after profound thought process. Light tones of colours work best in the west direction according to vastu shastra.
  • Presence of motivational images and quotes also influences a progressive growth in your work. Your vision should be clearly visible to you when you enter your office.
  • When you have the quintessential touch of the elements of nature then your productivity is bound to increase. Therefore, one must make sure that they have ample daylight and ventilation in their home offices.
  • If the direction of your work station is east, south-east or north then you can also decorate it with little pots of plants which will add the positivity and freshness to the working environment. These plants are also symbolic of growth.


This is all about today’s discussion of vastu for home office. I hope you liked reading this particular piece regarding vastu for home office. If you wish to learn more about this topic then do not hesitate to contact us on the given number or you can also email us at the given gmail id. Do share this article with your friends and family so that they can benefit from the information and facts mentioned.

If you are curious to know about similar topics like vastu for house, vastu for shop, vastu for office etc. then you can contact us at any given moment of time and we will prepare our best services for your assistance. Thank you for your time, see you soon. Have a nice day.

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