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Clothing Business in India- A Guide for Startups

Apparel Manufacturing Company in India

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Are you thinking of starting your own startup for apparel? Vendors with which you are going to deal is the foremost thing to take care of. You need a number of vendors from where you are going to procure outfits for your store or online shop. In this brief guide, you are going to receive beneficial insights that are going to be helpful for starting your business and managing the store for your first set of clients. Also, you will learn about finding the right apparel manufacturing company in India.

For starting your own business, you will need a fixed location from where you are going to perform all the operations. You will register your GST number and your ID from this place only. Thus, even if you are taking your business online, you will not face a problem. Do consult with a CA and a lawyer for understanding all the legalities for registering your business. Besides all the formalities, the foremost thing that comes on the list is the wholesalers and the places where you sell as a startup. When it comes to vendors for women’s and mens apparel manufacturer in India, there are many but you have to select the best one in the market. Here are a few questions you should address before you are willing to hit the market with your material.

  • Do you have a business plan ready?
  • Are you funding your business yourself or taking a loan from the bank?
  • Are you going to sell your stock from a conventional store or online?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Do you have a list of manufacturers?
  • How you are going to promote your business?

These are a starter pack of questions that you can consider when you think of starting an apparel business. Try to understand that as an apparel business, you are going to need wholesalers or manufacturers for procurement. Now, let us consider these questions one by taksim escort one.

Business Plan

Without a business plan, you will never be able to receive a bank loan. You need to earn the trust of the banking personnel in order to receive the desired amount of loan. Without a business plan, you will not be able to anchor your business at all.


Whether you are funding yourself or you are applying for a bank loan, you should have a backup. People often take a backup amount in a negative light, but this is an amount that helps you recover a loss that you can incur as initial failures are possible, not necessary. Ask for investment only when you got the right apparel manufacturing company in India.

Apparel Store

Where are you going to sell your stuff? Is it an online store or a conventional setup? Do remember that wherever you are selling your apparel, you are going to disclose such information to the bank as well as when you are registering your brand. You may have a conventional setup for selling your clothes while you can do the promotion online.

Target Market

Understanding your TG (target group) is important to understand where you are going to direct your business. The location of selling your stuff can be decided accordingly. You will procure the outfits as per the selection of your target market. Also, you will share content online that matches the need of the target market.

Wholesalers or Manufacturers

As an apparel business, you will need a number of vendors to deal with. From manufacturers, you can get the selected outfits at an affordable price. Ensure that you have a list ready and check the fabric, designs, and finishing they give to the clothes.

Business Promotion

Promotion is always necessary. How will you let people know that you got something to offer them? For promotion, you can choose the events where a variety of businesses participate in advertising their business. You can always have a blog to inform people more about your startup.


You can have a list of women’s and mens apparel manufacturer in India from whom you are going to procure your material regularly.

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