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Enhance Your Career as a Graphologist with Certification Courses in Graphology

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Does the art of handwriting analysis fascinate you? Graphology is the art of analyzing handwriting. A graphologist uses the manuscripts written by a person to depict their personality types. The practice is not used in any mainstream profession, however, people choose to study graphology for helping people in an alternative way. But, you can make a good career out of it.  A graphologist, sometimes, can elaborate on those aspects of your life that you are not able to understand about yourself. If you are willing to learn more about the profession of handwriting specialist then this article is for you.                            

Understanding Graphology

The scientific institutions do not support the art of graphology. The process shares proximity with social and paranormal aspects of life. Historian suggests that the first book of handwriting analysis was written in the late 1500s. Therefore, the practice has its traces in history. Yet, a large of mass of people do not believe in the technique of handwriting analysis. A graphologist utilizes a written copy by a human to unleash her hidden qualities.

People prefer going to a graphologist out of curiosity or interest as well. Nowadays, you can observe many handwriting specialists putting up stalls at business or festive events. They charge you for a session and you can get a graphology session done for your handwriting. The graphologies are hire in corporate offices, counseling centers, forensic departments, and schools. Now, let’s explore these selective careers to see the career scope for a graphologist. Now, you can get a graphology certification for starting your career as a professional graphologist.


The most popular job for a graphologist in the mainstream is a counselor. Not exactly a graphologist can become a counselor, rather a counselor can practice graphology to study the character traits of a person. Many private practitioners choose to take graphology certification for enhancing their skills. Counseling services in marriage, school, health, and corporates by graphologists are of immense importance.

Graphologists identify the innermost traits of a person’s personality by the curves, extension, altitudes, and spaces of handwriting. Expertise in this topic helps a person to elaborate on your qualities and your positive aspects. Along with that, the handwriting specialist can tell you about your negative attributes of you.                         

Forensic Departments

You can take up a job as a graphologist. Handwriting analysis can help a lot in special investigations. The graphologist can study the emotional mindset of the person whose writing piece is contain by the investigation team. Although these proofs are not admissible in the court they are study by the investigation team to enquire and examine the cases.

For example, the last letter written by a person who has commite suicide can be scrutinize through handwriting analysis. By doing so, the team can confirm whether the person actually committed suicide or it was an attempted murder. The graphologist can confirm whether the letter write with complete control or a person was push to write such a letter. With certification courses in graphology, you can work as a freelancer as well for the forensic teams.

Career Counselors

Graphology can work as a great advantage for career counselors. As the study of handwriting helps in understanding the likes and dislikes of a person, graphology can help in suggesting careers that are suitable for the candidates who need help. Students at the school level often need counseling to choose a career option then they seek the help of a career counselor. A career counselor can, enormously, make a difference by suggesting an apt career for the student. Students at the school level fail to choose the right career under the pressure of their peers as well as family.

Closing Remarks

You can always choose to work as a freelancer as a graphologist or start a small business around it. However, graphology is an advantageous course for people in the field of counseling or forensics. The job of a graphologist has great job satisfaction for the candidates who are interested in helping people by the means of pseudoscience.


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