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Benefits of MBBS in China

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The most common and important question posed by students who want to pursue MBBS program from abroad such as China, then what is the importance and benefits of MBBS from India. Universities in China have lower costs compared to India and other countries with high quality of education. As a result, let’s check out, why china, here are listed benefits of MBBS in China and why to study MBBS in china only?

Why to Study MBBS in China Only?

It doesn’t matter what happens to them for overseas degrees but the fact that an MBBS course from these countries is very expensive. If you have the skills to study then it will be easy for you to get involved in the program and it will be easy for you.

Therefore, the main advantages are that China is the safest country in the world to study with. Also, most universities offer the course of MBBS in China for Indian students in English also.

MBBS in China vs. India

So, You can’t compare Indian Medical education and MBBS study in China. Therefore, there is more education in India and Chinese medical universities are among the top 500 universities of the country.

  • Due to the low admission requirements, admission to the MBBS course is easy.
  • Also, no entrance exam is needed for pursuing medicine in China.
  • Hence, study Medicine is welcomed all over the world in China.
  • As a result, There are many types of career options open for Indian and Foreign students.
  • Also, an international presentation will be given to students. As a result, where many nations will meet in China besides the Chinese and Indians.
  • Thus, Well -equipped laboratories, an extensive library, and newly developed classrooms provide students with a safe learning spirit.
  • As a result, to increase the level of medical education, MCI Accredited Universities in China encourage foreign exchange trends.
  • Also, most Chinese pharmacies offer scholarships, MBBS is an economy in country like this.
  • Thus, private dormitories are open to students. So, China’s top universities are offering financial scholarships to students.
  • As a result, there is a strong economy and security for Indian students.
  • So, MBBS is very rare in China. Also, Fees for MBBS courses in China start at 1.5 per year.

More than 50 per cent of medical chairs in India fall under private medical colleges. As a result, which are expensive (Rs.50 Lakhs to Rs.1 Crore). In addition, there are nearly 10 Lakh medical clinics per year in India, and only 70,000 medical chairs are open. Therefore, students choose to study MBBS abroad. Also, according to the Times of India article, China is the most popular destination for MBBS study abroad in different countries.

Best Universities in China for MBBS

List of 62 Best Universities in China for MBBS:

  1. Nanjing Medical University
  2. Xinjiang Medical University
  3. China Medical University
  4. Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  5. Jiangsu Medical University
  6. Hangzhou Normal University
  7. Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
  8. Shenyang Medical College
  9. Guilin Medical University
  10. Tianjin Medical University
  11. Hunan Normal University
  12. Hubei University of Medicine
  13. Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
  14. Dalian Medical University
  15. Hebei Medical University (HEBMU)
  16. Jiamusi University
  17. Weifang Medical University
  18. Kunming Medical University
  19. Shihezi University is a university
  20. Hebei United University
  21. Dali University Medical College
  22. Anhui Medical University(AMU)
  23. Qingdao University
  24. Soochow University
  25. Beihua University
  26. Lanzhou University
  27. Luzhou Medical College
  28. Jinan University (JNU)
  29. North Sichuan Medical College
  30. Xinjiang Medical University (XMU)
  31. Yangzhou University
  32. Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
  33. Wenzhou Medical University
  34. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  35. Jilin University
  36. Harbin Medical University
  37. Guangxi Medical University
  38. Southeast University
  39. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU)
  40. Wuhan University
  41. Zhejiang University
  42. Southern Medical University
  43. Shandong University
  44. Sun Yat-sen University
  45. Capital Medical University
  46. Tongji University
  47. Central South University (CSU)
  48. Ningbo University
  49. Xiamen University (XMU)
  50. Nantong Medical University
  51. Zhengzhou University
  52. Xuzhou Medical College
  53. Nanchang University
  54. Sichuan University
  55. Shantou University
  56. Chongqing Medical University
  57. Fujian Medical University
  58. China Three Gorges University
  59. Liaoning Medical University (LMU)
  60. Ningxia University
  61. Jiangsu University
  62. Fujian Medical University

So, If you really want to study aboard  you should read this. Also, Read: Fee for IELTS Exam Registration

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