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Beat The Heat: 6 Tips To Prepare Your AC For Summer

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Summer is almost here, which implies your air conditioner has to be in good working condition! Though many homeowners neglect to clean their air conditioners regularly, it is critical to preserve air conditioner efficiency and enhance your indoor air quality.

We know how essential and necessary it is to get a quality Air Conditioning Installation while keeping your system in a good state, particularly during the summertime. A centralized air conditioning cooling system is a considerable investment, and you must take all possible measures to safeguard it. That, and it’s a pain when your air conditioner won’t run properly on the first hot day of the year.

Let’s look at four tips to prepare your air conditioning system for summer to beat the heat!

Ac Preparation Tips For Summers

NoteMake sure to turn the thermostats and your A/C unit to”off” when you start doing any repair on your household air conditioning system.

1.      Clean Filters

Dust and particles accumulate over time, decreasing the overall ventilation process. The system then needs to try harder if the filter is blocked. And more difficult task entails more costs.

You need to replace your air conditioning filtration every month throughout peak months, such as the summer months. Some cleaners can last three to six months, depending on the type of filter that fits best for your equipment and how frequently you use it. We advise you to get a professional inspection of your air compressor every 30 days or replace it no later than 60 days.

2.      Schedule A Professional Air Conditioning Cleaning

Most air conditioner manufacturers recommend having your outside unit p cleaned at least once a year. But many homeowners ignore these recommendations. Unfortunately, failing to clean your air conditioner regularly can result in a significant buildup of dirt in the condenser unit.

This accumulation affects system efficiency, raises energy expenses, and leads to premature burnout over time during high-functioning months. If your system hasn’t been cleaned for a whole year, it’s time to make an appointment with your nearest AC maintenance services.

3.      Examine The Coolant Lines

Assess the coolant lines, which are the piping or tubes that connect the condenser to the house’s interior (to the evaporator). To prevent power dissipation, they should be thoroughly insulated. You can use fiberglass batts liners or expandable foam tape to seal them.

4.      Keep Your Air Conditioning Cool

Surprisingly, keeping your AC cold is one of the greatest methods to remain cool in the summer. Your air conditioner will be ineffective if it is exposed to direct sunlight. The sunlight heats it, making it work tougher to cool down the air in your house.

Ensure your system has adequate shade to keep it cool. It’s something your HVAC Maintenance specialist may suggest throughout the installation procedure. However, resist the urge to put trees and plants directly close to your air conditioner.

5.      Getting Rid of Debris

Remove any branches and dirt from the condenser’s base. Check to see whether your air conditioner has a drain. Using suction or a towel, clean the turbines on the compressor. Remove any surplus water from the device. Connect the compressor once it has been drained and cleaned.

6.      Examine the Unit

After properly drying, examine your freshly cleaned air conditioning machine. You’ll need to re-energize your capacitor unit.

Restart the condenser by performing the following steps:

  • Switch your facility’s thermostat to off.
  • Power should be turned on at the connection box and the central panel.
  • Set the thermostat to a cold setting.


Summertime is a great opportunity to spend with children, unwinding and appreciating the moment you have together. You wouldn’t want to spend the summer in the blistering heat looking to find a qualified HVAC Maintenance expert.

To guarantee a pleasant summer season, use these summer-ready air conditioning tips and beat the heat.

As the heat gets unbearable, you must always be prepared. Schedule an appointment today with Bob’s Climate Control’s expert Ac Maintenance Services, and enjoy your summer cooling down!

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