Asymmetrical multiplayer online games for youth.

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Following are the best Asymmetrical multiplayer online games for youth.


A self-sufficient and frightening universe with a large number of available maniacs (each has its own unique appearance, history and abilities), many randomly generated locations, modern graphics, good optimization , a character development system, and finally, an exciting and unobtrusive gameplay that requires a tactical approach and teamwork ( when playing as survivors) ig are the best s enough to make Dead By Daylight stand out as a highly successful project with asymmetric gameplay.


Another multiplayer horror game designed for the simultaneous participation of five people, four of which will be ordinary people trying to find a way out of a cursed place, and one is a nightmarish monster hunting them .

Visually, the game does not cause delight, but the atmosphere and gameplay here turned out to be very even nothing. Users have a large selection of maps and monsters at their disposal, and the key objects and events in Damned are randomly generated each time, which, in principle, allows you to stretch interest in it for a fairly decent period.


A multiplayer horror game with asymmetric gameplay in which several players take on the role of overly curious people who have climbed into a sinister mansion full of creepy ghosts , and one player takes control of a representative of these same ghosts. Moreover, there are several types of ghosts to choose from, and the style of play for each of them has serious differences.

Despite the original idea and rather powerful atmosphere, Dead Realm can only be recommended to fans of horror about haunted houses: the game itself turned out to be too monotonous and quickly boring. In addition, Dead Realm has serious problems with online. So if you decide to play it, worry about finding partners in advance. At the same time, the developers have not abandoned this project and from time to time (not as often as we would like, but still) add new cards and new ghosts to it.


The project of the domestic studio Fntastic, which was release in 2018 . DEAD DOZEN Escape is an online first-person shooter with asymmetric multiplayer gameplay and survival horror elements that make the crazygames online very similar to another popular multiplayer FPS – Left 4 Dead.

In terms of story and setting, the game is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s science fiction film The Thing: a group of people find themselves at a remote research base in Siberia, completely isolated from the rest of the world. But instead of an alien life form, they are suddenly attack by ghouls. One of the players takes control of the most important ghoul, whose attack leads to infection and transformation into a monster of any member of the survivor team. The ghoul leader can use his incredible strength and superpowers, while other survivors can fend off monsters with firearms, as well as collect items needed for survival everywhere and erect barricades.

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Another online horror best crazygames with asymmetric gameplay, dedicated to the adventures of a group of schoolchildren and a maniac who dreams of killing them in the most savage way. The action takes place in the scenery of an American high school , and the environment is closely connect with the gameplay, making it non-linear and unpredictable. And the atmosphere in Last Year: The Nightmare corresponds to classic horror films.

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