Amazing ‘Save The Date’ Invites Ideas For Wedding In 2022

A Uniquely Exquisite Invitation for your Special Occasion

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Once you and your partner have decided to tie the bond of love and partnership with each other, it is time for celebrations. But the real challenge kicks when you start preparing for the big event. From invitations to rituals, you have to take care of every event for the wedding. 

But in this regard, a formal invitation seems to be the stepping stone for the couple. It is the official announcement of being together and asking your loved ones to join both of you at your grand wedding. So, it is essential to select the theme, colour, layout, fonts, etc., to create the best save the date animation for your guests. 

Here Are Some Exciting Save The Date Invitations Ideas For You:

1. Black, Gold Floral Designs

Delicate floral designs with illustrations seem to be a perfect choice this year for creating the feel of grace and grand occasion. It is a unique idea that is very stylish, attractive, and elegant. Ensure to customize the text with white flower designs and gold trimmings. 

You can create this layout in the portrait mode keeping people using their smart gadgets in mind. Also, you can make this one eco-friendly wedding invitation with a minimalistic design and use sustainable methods to prepare it.

2. Forest Watercolours Let You Play A Little

If you need a simple yet chic design for the “save the date” card, forest watercolour can be the perfect selection for you. The focal point here is the photo of the couple included in the card that speaks about their connection and the mesmerizing fairy tale that rests between them. Select the best engagement picture for the couple and create the best animated save the date invitation for your wedding.

3. Recycled Wedding Invitation

If you are keen on creating something eco-friendly and attractive, try recycling your wedding invitation. That means using recycled products to create a wedding invitation for your guests and customize the details as per your requirements. You can even include the couple’s handwriting for having a special message for the guests. And you will be ready with the perfect eco-friendly wedding invitation.

4. Go Digital With Rustic Fireflies

Another unique design to choose for your upcoming wedding is the digital invitation layout. It is easily customized as per your requirements and creates a long-lasting effect on the viewers. Also, these are very attractive and perfect for you. 

With the glowing fireflies and magical enchanted forest, you can set the tone of your animated to save the date invitation correctly. If you wish to add fantasy flair to the experience, this one is perfect for you. 

Other than these options, you can also select seed paper invites that are an excellent gifting option. These are eco-friendly and can be a forever creation for you. 

Seed cards are ideal because the guests can plant them once they attend the wedding, and the plant will forever be with them. In other words, you will not only create a beautiful memory but contribute towards building a safe and secure environment for the future. 


So, these are some animated wedding invitations ideas for your wedding in 2022. Are you excited to try any of these? Well, if you need the best effects for your wedding invitation, you need to select the best creator in town. The name to go for is the Motion Stamp.

Motion Stamp is a reputed name with strong animation and visual storytelling background. The brand is passionate about creating innovative invitations for its clients. They are also known for creating well-crafted, engaging, and highly artistic layouts for fulfilling their client’s requirements. If you are interested to know more, check out Motion Stamp’s website today.  

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