Amazing Benefits Of Animated Marketing Videos for Businesses of All Sizes

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Videos have an innate attraction, and this is the reason that businesses are making more and more videos for promotional purposes. However, this does not mean that you can make any dam video and get away with it. People are not going to watch your video unless it offers an element of attraction. The right video can increase conversion. So, there is a need to make videos like Animated Marketing Videos that can entice people to watch them. However, video making and marketing are not easy. There are several steps involved in making the right video.

Animated Videos Marketing

Video marketing involves planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting videos to promote brands, products, or services. You can use these videos for marketing through social channels like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Since video is rapidly becoming the de facto content format online, it augurs well for businesses to start making videos and market their businesses through them.

Moreover, online video marketing is virtually low cost and does not come with the high advertising costs associated with television advertising and promotions. It can be said that the power of videos for promotion is getting pretty close to that of traditional television advertisements. It is in fact more effective than print ads.

However, this also means that competition is heating up in the space of video marketing. So, what kind of video can be a good one for you? Let’s see.

Animated Promotional Video

With competition heating up in the space for video marketing, it is time to bring novelty into the type of video produced and video marketing. People are exploring different videos, and some are also trying Animated Marketing Video. Indeed, the time is ripe for such videos. People like animated videos, especially when they are designed in the form of explainer videos. Indeed, these videos have an innate power to attract and educate the audience, generate leads, and boost sales. They can help you build your online presence.

Benefits of Animated Promotional Video

Animated explainer videos are fast becoming strong video marketing tools for marketing personnel. They can help you stand out in the competition. It can attract customers in a simple, but easy way, and also can help you convert prospects into leads. The innate capability to hook the visitor. Once a visitor goes through the whole video, he/she will feel compelled to buy your product.

Truth be told animated videos are a strong tool that has heavily impacted the digital marketing world. While it may sound new to the uninitiated, technology bigwigs have been using it since years. Microsoft used animated videos to market MS Office and Windows, and so did the firms like Apple, eBay and Fujitsu. Google later joined the bandwagon and launched an animated campaign in 2012.

Animation Studios In Dubai

True, animation videos are popular and are growing in popularity. However, they need to be designed well. A well-designed animated explainer video can go a long way in promoting your product. This calls for selecting the best Animation Studios in Dubai. Indeed, the best ones are those that have years of experience under their belts. You need to go through their portfolio to understand whether they have the required expertise and experience in designing such videos.

The Art Of Animation

Animation is not everybody’s cup of tea. More so, if you are trying to make an explainer video with a call to action for purchasing your products. This calls for experienced story writing, excellent storyboarding, and excellent animation skills. So, what you need to do is contact people who are experienced in making Animated Promotional Video.


If you are looking for a video marketing strategy, you can check up animated videos. They are increasing in popularity. Indeed, marketing people are resorting to animated explainer videos to make interesting videos that can hook the target audience and compel them to buy your product and/or service. You just need to select an expert video marketing company. Look for experience since this can make a difference. Everything said, animated videos are the best source of driving traffic and revenues, and account for up to 90% of the global internet traffic. They should be a long-term investment and be used from the ground up by small, medium and large businesses alike.

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