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6 Best Houses Built On Triangle-Shaped Lots

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It’s astonishing what innovative minds think up when confronted with a problem. A piece of land that’s shaped in a triangle is considered to be an obstruction or even a drawback by some architects, but not every one of them, like the designs, we’re about to showcase show.  If you want to measure triangle shape area then use the area calculator.

Triangle-Shaped Houses

These homes are certainly to be admired not only because they are able to be built in such tiny and unorthodox locations, but also due to the fact that they make use of this limitation to their advantage. The land area calculator will help you to make your calculation easy.

  • The Australia House – Japan

Australia House Australia House is a structure intended to be used as a place of refuge during catastrophes and is situated within Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It’s situated on a small and unusually-shaped piece of property with a stunning view, which the building is not looking to profit from. Instead of focussing on perspectives of its immediate area and focusing on the mundane. This project was created by the studio Andrew Burns Architect.

  • On the Corner – Japan

This residential development is situated within Shiga Prefecture, Japan, on a wedge-shaped land that was previously avoided by all due to its complicated shape and difficult place. It was only recently that the studio EASTERN Design Office decided to make a change to this. They picked this site as their new residential complex that has the shape of the land and measures 13 meters tall and contains 7 units. The upper-level housing is just one apartment.

  • Roslyn St Restaurant – Australia

In the area of Kings Cross, Sydney there’s an unusual building that is proudly positioned on a triangular plot. It’s a four-story structure that was designed and constructed by the Studio Durbach Block Jaggers. Its principal functions are the bar and restaurant on the ground floor and an outdoor garden at the top. But what makes it stand out most is its small footprint and its unusual shape. Which appears to be a triangle, but it’s not quite as it has a rounded edge and is slightly thinner at the top. Only to create large overhanging cornices.

  • Triangolo – Slovakia

The apartment is situated within Nitra, Slovakia. This building was developed and constructed by the architect Sebastian Nagy and like all projects listed on this listing. It’s identified by a triangular-shaped plot. In this instance, the architect chose to take full advantage of the shape of the triangle. And then continue to use it throughout the design of different designs, beginning with the overall form of the structure. The balconies have the same shape. And the roof has a more abstract version in the shape of curved sections, topped with domes.

  • Triangle House – Australia

If a house is named after this, we have an idea of what we can be expecting. Created through Molecule Studio, this is the name of a house. That is situated at Toorak, Australia on a site with a small 200 square meters triangular footprint. This particular aspect had a significant impact on the overall layout of the building itself. Which is designed to resemble the location. However, the architects wanted to provide their clients with an attractive modern house that has an ocean-side feel. Plenty of light with a seamless connection with the outside. Amazingly, they managed to make everything happen.

  • Mount Lawley House – Australia

Studio Robeson Architects showed the whole world just how valuable every parcel of land is. And how much potential an oddly-shaped and small area could have if the design is done right. The house is situated on 180 square meters of a triangular parcel of land. That lies within Hyde Park and Beaufort Street in Perth, Australia. It is a geometric structure that is distinctive and different from other structures in the region. Yet it blends with the other structures. It is a great addition to the region.

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