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15 Best Irish Series On Netflix

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Are you searching for the best Irish series available on Netflix?

Netflix offers a wide range of movies and serials from around the globe. These shows can be a great way to learn about and know different cultures and locations.

Ireland’s most memorable T.V. shows have been created over the years. They capture the country’s beauty and history with unique humor and fascinating people.

This broad selection of Irish shows on Netflix is a must-see, from disturbing crime dramas to hilarious comedies.

Currently, there is a massive selection of Irish series and films on the streaming service.

Here are our top picks for T.V. comedies and dramas.

1. Derry Girls  

Derry Girls 
Derry Girls 

Creator: Lisa McGee

Starring: Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, and Dylan Llewellyn

The British sitcom Derry Girls was created by Lisa McGee. It premiered on January 4, 2018. The series was inspired by McGee’s childhood in Derry in Northern Ireland during the last years of the Troubles.

Derry Girls an Irish comedy about coming-of-age set during the Troubles in the 1990s. Lisa McGee, a Derry native, wrote and created the comedy. She also worked on London Irish, Being Human, and The White Queen.

It is funny, irreverent, and a lot of fun. This is a must-see for anyone who loves Ireland and Irish culture.

Starring Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Louisa Harland.

Derry Girls streaming on Netflix Season 3 Derry Girls will be available before long.

2. Hardy Bucks

Creator: Chris Tordof

Starring: Martin Maloney, Owen Colgan, Peter Cassidy, Tom Kilgallon

Hardy Bucks, a mockumentary-style Irish media series, follows the fictional adventures of a group of young Irishmen living in small-town settings in western Ireland.

Despite its irreverent and daring humor, ‘Hardy Bucks” is a charming comedy. This comedy series stars four men from County Mayo as they search for fun.

After a series of webisodes, Hardy Bucks became a television series. It aired four seasons in 2010, 2015, and 2018.

Hardy Bucks became a blockbuster movie in 2013 after a successful television debut. The film follows Hardy Bucks on their trip to Poland to cheer for Ireland at the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer championship.

The comedy style is often quite bold and irreverent, “Hardy Bucks” is great for a good laugh. The show follows four Mayo lads on a quest for fun. It started as a series of webisodes, it was commissioned for four seasons in 2010, 2011, 2015, and 2018. It also inspired a movie that was a massive success in 2013. The film follows the Hardy Bucks on their trip to Poland to support Ireland at UEFA Euro 2012.

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3. Can’t Cope Won’t Cope

Creator: Stefanie Preissner

Starring: Seána Kerslake, Nika McGuigan

The darkly comic drama Can’t Cope Won’t Cope shows how a hangover can wear off, and their priorities and lives start to diverge.

“Can’t Cope Won’t Cope!” stars Danika McGuigan and Seana Kerslake, who play young friends growing up in Dublin.

The series also serves as a coming-of-age tale with realistic and dark humor.

The show is honest and provocative. It also provides an insight into the issues youngsters in Ireland have to face in their 20s.

Can’t Cope? Won’t Cope is a story about two housemates aged 20 living in Dublin. Aisling is a fund manager who likes to get her way. Danielle is an art student who prefers to stay out of the limelight.

The dark comedy-drama series aired for just 12 episodes. It aired its first season in 2016. Season 2 features Amy Huberman.

After a brief battle with cancer, actress Danika McGuigan died in 2019 at 33. Stefanie Preissner, the show’s creator and writer, paid tribute to McGuigan, saying that “the brilliant, beautiful, Danielle in Couldn’t Cope Won’t wouldn’t be the same without her.”

You can watch both Cope and Won’t Cope seasons on Netflix HERE.

You may have missed one thing “Can’t Cope. Won’t Cope”. The series follows the stories of Seana Kerslake, a young friend from Dublin, and Danika McGuigan, a thought-provoking and honest look at young people’s struggles as they move through their twenties.

4. Jack Taylor

Creator: Ken Brue

Starring: Iain Glen, Killian Scott, Nora-Jane Noone

The Jack Taylor TV series is based in western Ireland and was inspired by the Ken Bruen novels. In this drama set in Galway, Iain Glen plays Jack Taylor, an ex-Garda Siochana (national police) officer.

He immediately leaves the military and goes into private investigations. Taylor is familiar with the streets of his locality and is always looking for clues others might have missed.

It was criticized for its ambition from 2010 and 2016. it has a loyal fan base.

Iain Glen will forever be associated with two characters. The other is Jorah Mormont from ‘Game of Thrones. Jack Taylor is the other. Our hero, a former Garda Siochana member, is set in Galway and becomes a “finder,” a private investigator, upon retiring. It was produced between 2010 and 2016.it received mixed reviews from critics, the series has remained popular over the years.

5. Dominion’s Creek (An Klondike)

Creator: Dathaí Keane

Starring: Dara Devaney, Seán T. Ó Meallaigh, Julian Black Antelope

Data Keane created An Klondike (“Dominion’s Creek”). The story is set in the late nineteenth century and follows the Connolly Brothers’ adventures.

Three brothers from Ireland travel to Canada with the family Klondike Gold Rush. They settle in Dominion Creek.

Seamus, the middle brother, wants to be wealthy. Tom, the oldest brother, wants to run the family’s mine claim. Padraig, the youngest brother, would like to work in the only hospital in Dominion’s Creek.

They meet new people, fall in love, and they get into contact with Dominion Creek’s most violent residents.

6. The Young Offenders

Creator: Peter Foott

Starring: Alex Murphy, Chris Walley, Hilary Rose, Dominic MacHale

A group of teenagers is the story of the coming-of-age Irish TV drama. It was created by Peter Foott, RTE/BBC Three.

“Young Offenders” tells the story of Jack and Connor, Cork’s inner-city teenagers who are poor. The series is based on Jack and Connor’s work in a movie with the same title.

A team of undercover police officers from West Cork, Ireland, discovers 61 bales of cocaine after a boat trafficking drug sinks off the coast. They set out to find it and return it.

Critica described the series as “the dirty version of treasure-hunting Goonies.” They are given cocaine, not a gold chest.

7. Rebellion

Creator: Colin Teevan

Starring: Charlie Murphy, Ruth Bradley, Sarah Greene, Brian Gleeson, Niamh Cusack, and Michelle Fairley. Both seasons are 5 episodes each.

This dramatic drama centers on Dublin’s turbulent and violent Easter Rising of 1916. It begins the long conflict between British soldiers and Irish revolutionaries. this dramatization may be historical fiction, it will transport you back to that revolutionary time.

Colin Teevan wrote and created the 2016 historical drama serial Rebellion. History buffs will love it. The events surrounding the Easter Rising of 1916 are depicted in the series.

This story depicts political events through the eyes of a fictional cast. This series was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Easter Rising.

World War I began, and a rebellion was born.

Social stability has suffered from disappointment as it was not a successful and short-term campaign.

As the story unfolds through their eyes, friends from London, Belfast, and Dublin play pivotal roles in Ireland’s struggle for independence.

This dramatic drama is set Dublin’s violent and turbulent Easter Rising of 1916. It marks the beginning of the long conflict between British soldiers and Irish revolutionaries. this dramatization may be historical fiction, it will transport you back to that revolutionary time.

8. Puffin Rock

Creators: Lily Bernard, Tomm Moore, Paul Young

Starring: Chris O’Dowd, Kate McCafferty, Sally McDaid

children’s T.V. show created by Lily Bernard and Tomm Moore. The Puffin Island was the setting for the show, off Ireland’s coast.

Oona, a young puffin, and her younger brother Baba explore nature and make new friends along their adventures.

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Creator: Allan Cubitt

Starring: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan

Allan Cubitt is the creator of The Fall, a British-Irish crime drama. It debuted on Netflix Originals in 2013. The series is a success with American viewers, and it was one of the first Netflix Originals to be licensed from abroad.

Gillian Anderson portrays Stella Gibson, Metropolitan Police Superintendent and a detective sent to Northern Ireland to pursue a murder investigation.

Stella must join the police force of the city to catch Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), a serial killer who targets young professionals in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

10. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork


Creator: Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Starring:Ian Bailey, Barry Roche and Eugene Gilligan

This documentary series is a true crime and focuses on the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier (a French TV producer). On December 23, 1996, she was found dead at her holiday home in Toormore, Goleen County Cork, Ireland.

This case captivated thousands of people and enraged nations in France and Ireland for its bizarre and violent nature. This case is fascinating, compelling, and tragic. This series is a must-see for true crime fans.

Watch Sophie: The Murder in West Cork ON NETFLIX HERE

11. The Siege of Jadotville


Creator: Richie Smyth

Starring: Jamie Dornan, ‎Mark Strong‎ and ‎Mikael Persbrandt‎

Film is not set in Ireland, it follows Irish soldiers on a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Africa. The film is based on Declan Power’s nonfiction book.

The Siege at Jadotville is set in the 1960s. Jamie Dornan stars as Pat Quinlan, an Irish Commandant who leads the defense against French and Belgian Mercenaries in Congo.

You can stream The Siege of Jadotville HERE on Netflix


Creator: Steve McQueen

Starring: Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningh

Michael Fassbender is a true embodiment of the character he plays. His performances often reflect serious commitment. Fassbender played Bobby Sands, an IRA prisoner who started a hunger strike at Maze. Liam Cunningham, the priest who tries to dissuade him, was equal to Fassbender’s performance.The film was directed by Steve McQueen, who handled Fassbender’s Shame and “12 Years a Slave”.It’s as disturbingly and pointed as any McQueen film.

13.Michael Inside


Creator: Frank Berry

Starring: Dafhyd flynn, Lalor Roddy and Moe Dunford

We gave ‘Michael Inside” five stars it hit theaters. It is, in our opinion, one of the most outstanding Irish films of recent times. The story follows an 18-year-old sentenced after being found with drugs for his older brother. Hollywood, is the most realistic depiction of prison life you will ever see.

14.Bobby Sands: 66 Days


Creator: Trevor Birney

Starring:    Martin McCann Fintan O’Toole Charles Moore Richard English Norman Tebbit Tim Pat Coogan Dessie Waterworth Gerry Adams

This critically acclaimed documentary is about Bobby Sands’ life and the 1981 Irish hunger strike. The film was released 35 years after his final sacrifice. The movie draws heavily from his hunger strike journal, giving a rare insight into his beliefs.

15.The Hole in the Ground


Creator: Lee Cronin

Starring: Seána Kerslake, ‎James Cosmo‎ and ‎Simone Kirby

Seana Kerslake, an Irish actress in the making, stars in The Hole in the Ground. Her character is a young mother who recently moved in with her son in a small rural house.Her son begins to experience strange events. The trailer shows that this is not a movie for arachnophobes.

Are there any Irish series on Netflix?

There are too many Irish series on Netflix, but one of the best is this Rebellion.

What is No one on Irish Netflix?

The No 1 on Irish Netflix is this Derry girl.

Irish Series On Netflix: Blogrind.com

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