10 Smart Tips to Make Pet Relocation Easier

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Leaving your beloved pet behind during the move is not acceptable to all. Today, you can avail the services of many packers and movers to move your pet safely to your destination.

In general, people love their pets and want to shift to a new place with them only. However, their ignorance in choosing a reliable mover will land them in lots of difficulties. You can find many specialized packers and movers in the market for the best pet relocation. However, you need other things to make your pet relocation a successful affair.

Not many people are aware of the best ways to relocate their pets to their destination. Here are the best tips to get perfect pet relocation services:-

1. Contact Your Veterinary Doctor

The first and foremost step is to contact your vet before moving your pet to another destination. It is important as your vet will check the health of your pet. If he notices the ill-health of your pet, he will inform you about the same. So, it would be good if you know the health of your pet beforehand.

Your vet can also recommend another vet at your new location. The vet will prepare all your records and prescribe any medicine for your pet.

2. Keep the Pets Away from the Moving Process

Many pets are over-sensitive. They sense any action that is going around. So, the best thing would be to keep your pets in a kennel at your friend’s house. This will help your Packers and movers Bangalore to Bhubaneswar to do their work without any disturbance.

There are many instances where the pets get irritated due to the hustle and bustle in the home. As a result, they irritate a lot and make the whole atmosphere messy. If they are not tied, they can also hurt the packers and movers team. So, it would be best to keep your pets away till the entire moving process is completed.

3. Make an Overnight Kit for Them

You must take good care of your pet during the move. So, it is advisable to make an overnight kit for your dog. It is extremely important. Many people do not take much care of preparing an overnight kit. As a result, their pets are devoid of many important things. Some of the important things you need to keep in the kit include grooming tools, toys, etc.

Once you arrange sufficient food and other things in your pet’s kit, you won’t have any problem during the relocation.

4. Pet Carrier

If you are moving your pet internationally, you need a good pet carrier. It is advisable to purchase a pet carrier that is IATA compliant. The pet carrier will provide safety to your pets. Also, provide a few things in the carrier that are very important for your pet.

However, you should purchase your pet carrier beforehand. This will help your pet get acquainted with the new environment.

5. Find a Pet-friendly Hotel

It is best to find a pet-friendly hotel during the pet relocation. A pet-friendly hotel offers specialized beds and other facilities for your pets. They also charge extra for your pets. You should look for a pet relocation hotel before the move. This will reduce some of your stress during the pet relocation.

6. Keep the Pet Comfortable and Safe

It is essential to keep your pets safe and comfortable during the move. So, you should look for many ways to offer comfort to them. Put them in a right-sized crate. Its size should be good as it will let them move backward and forward easily.

Also, do not pack a few items tightly around their body. You should also take regular halts during the move. Give them regular bathroom breaks. Also, let them stretch their legs at certain intervals. Some pets may feel motion sickness. You can talk to your vet about this condition. Your vet will inform you about the ways to cope with motion sickness.

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7. Update the Contact Info of Your Pets

You must update the contact information of your pets on their ID tags and microchips. This will help you search for them in case they are lost in between. So, make sure to update your contact info on these things.

8. Check the Rules of the Other Country

Well, this applies when you are relocating your pet internationally. You should be aware of specific rules as well as regulations of a particular country. This will help in reducing much of your stress.

There are many countries that ask for the medical records of your pets. So, it is best for you to collect all the necessary documents of your pet from your vet. It would be a great help to you during the international pet relocation.

Also, some countries restrict the entry of pets of specific breeds. So, you should also take notice of it. If your pet’s breed comes in the restricted category, then do not move to that country.

9. Find another Vet in the New Destination

If you are moving your pet to another country, then you must find another vet for him. This is one of the important tasks to do after reaching your destination country. You can show the previous health records of your pet to the vet. This will help your new vet know about the condition of your pet.

Contacting another vet is necessary if your pet is already suffering from a medical condition. This will help you in maintaining the health of your pet. Apart from that, you can put many important questions related to the health of your pet.

10. Pack a Special Bag for Your Pet

It is important to pack a bag for your beloved pet. This bag must contain the right pet supplies and other important items for your pet. Also, make sure to note the phone numbers of care centres and training centres of your new location. This will help you greatly in turning your complex pet relocation into a seamless one.


Hiring the right packers and movers is one of the best tips for safe pet relocation. However, you must adopt all the above tips to make your pet relocation a complete success.

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